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Hello again, dear friends.

As I can see you're eager to see more about the Elven armies, allow me to share with you what I know about their elite regiments.


Monlin, the Elven language, makes no distinction between male or female Druids. They are all called simply ‘Druids’, which can roughly be translated as ‘the ones who know the plants.

Druid Elder

Druid Elders haven’t slain a stag to make their coifs. A dying stag will seek a Druid of his choice and offer him his hide to use as he or she sees fit. It is a great honour to receive such a gift.

Moon Doe

Female Twilight Stags are nocturnal. While they don’t burst into flame when they are touched by sunlight (contrary to what the old nursery rhyme says), they prefer to come out at night, especially when Asha’s Moon is high in the sky, hence their name.

Sun Deer

Needless to say, mating is a rather complicated affair for Twilight Stags, as the males and females can only meet during the short periods when both sun and moon are in the sky!

Blade Dancer

There are several forms of Battle Dance. Mastering one of them is already a great achievement.

Blade Master

Remember what I was saying about the different forms of Battle Dance? Well these Elves have mastered several of them.

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