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Long time no see, everyone!

Once again, I shall do my best to share some information on the soldiers and creatures forming the core of the armies of Irollan. Please, concentrate on this dream shard. It should send images of these units directly in your mind.


It may come as a surprise, but no, Elves are not vegetarians. Although many Druids choose to be.

Master Hunter

The Master Hunter receives his title during a special ceremony, in which an elder Treant offers the Elf one of his branches to be carved into a bow. The Master Hunter uses this bow until his death, and is buried with it.


Dryads can sing trees into shape to create tools, weapons and even buildings for their Elven relatives. A chorus of Dryads can form an ancient tree into the foundations of an Elven city.

Oak Dryad

As Dryads are spirits, it is very hard to destroy them for good. Like Nature itself, I suppose…


It is important to distinguish between Pixies born from wildflowers and those from gardens. The former are rough and solitary and tend to die quickly if they are captured or domesticated.


Sprites are closely tied to the turning of the seasons; they are rare in winter and relatively numerous in spring and summer.


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