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Welcome, friends! The time has come for one final review of the imperial troops. The beings I am about to show you are the true champions of the Light.


We all have the blood of the Dragons in our veins. I believe some are born with a bit more of it. Such men or women are forces of nature, meant for extraordinary things. Some will become great Wizards… others, the most formidable of warriors.


I have seen a Swordmaster behead a Bloodrage-empowered Cyclops with one single blow of his sword. If these phenomenal warriors were not so rare, Wizards wouldn’t have needed to create Orcs in the first place.


Many Seraphim were made during the Second Eclipse as a desperate ploy to reverse the Angels’ slow extinction. After the wars of the Second Eclipse, it was revealed that Seraphim are actually the result of the fusion of Angel and Human souls. The revelation caused great unrest within the Empire, until Empress Gwendolyn Falcon decided Seraphim would answer exclusively to the imperial crown rather than the Angelic Host.


When a Seraph is created, he or she is still more Human than Angel. With time and training, this balance shifts, as the creature recovers some of his or her long-lost power. The Seraph then becomes known as a Celestial.

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