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Hello again, my friends! Let’s continue our review of the armies of the Holy Empire. Today I shall show you the elite of the imperial forces. Now look into this dream shard and let the images fill your minds…


Most priests of the Light are good-hearted men, who do not really enjoy going to war. But make no mistake; they will stand up to defend their homeland if needed.


Once, Abbots would have been called Inquisitors. The Holy Inquisition is not what it used to be, but its old spirit lives on in these fanatics who prefer to punish than to preach.


Elrathian psalms are very clear about the fact men and women are equal under the Holy Light, but in the old times Guardians of the Faith were mostly men. That is, until Irina of the Wolf started to reform her Duchy’s military…


The word Justicar used to designate the armed forces of the Holy Inquisition. Nowadays the word has lost its original meaning, but still carries a fierce reputation.


I have seen many battles, and my bones still shake when I see the imperial cavalry crashing into the enemy like an unstoppable wave of blessed steel.


I remember the Sun Riders of old, on their magical golden horses… Not many of them left in this day and age. I wonder why?
Anyway, today’s Cuirassiers are a bit more, let’s say… mundane, but you still don’t want to be on the receiving end of their charge.

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