Armies of the Abyss, Part 3 08/10/2015 | 1968 komentarze

KasparGood day to you all, friends! Or is it good night? I lose track.

What I do know is that the time has come to discuss the most dangerous creatures dwelling in the bottomless abyss, the true champions of the dark.

Cave Hydra

The Hydras’ bite is nasty and, depending on the Dragon whose spilled blood was involved in the Hydra’s creation, it will have varying effects on the unfortunate victim.

Dark Hydra

Dark Hydras are among the most terrifying creatures one can encounter in the Abyss. There’s a malevolence and relentlessness about them than make my skin crawl.


Shadow Dragon

Worshipped by Dark Elf society, Shadow Dragons tolerate their worshippers and occasionally ally with them. But there’s always a price to their help…

Black Dragon

So, who would win in a fight? A Black Dragon, or a Titan?

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