Armies of the Silva, Part 3 06/26/2015 | 1683 komentarze

Salutations, Shadow Councillors!

It is now time to discuss the most powerful creatures defending the forest realm. These incredible beings are truly Irollan's champions.

Green Dragon

Because Green Dragons have a rocky hide covered with moss and plants, it’s no surprise that a resting Dragon can easily be mistaken for a mere mound or hill – it’s usually the heavy, gravelly breathing that tips off the unsuspecting traveller!

Emerald Dragon

Like their progenitor Sylanna, Emerald Dragons are among the most patient and measured types of Dragons, rather unlikely to dissolve interlopers with their corrosive breath unless provoked.


Treants are born only on sacred soil deep within the forests of Irollan, near a Dragon vein or nexus attuned to the essence of Earth.

Ancient Treant

Treants are possibly the oldest creatures walking the surface of Ashan. The tales they would tell if only they could talk! Sadly, they can only… bark.

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