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So i bought the game, but i'm not impressed at all.
I agree with the following review:

Might and Magic Heroes 7 Beta 2 Feedback:

This is my feedback after playing the Beta 2 for ~ 12 hours.

1. UI:
- the buttons are VERY VERY UGLY: what is with the background? Why can't you just use a gradient for the background? Or a simple color background?
- UI seems that has improved a little from the beta 1
- UI still feels intrusive and bulky, a lot of screen space is used by the UI borders for example
- town screen build structure UI has bulky rows: that space could be used for bigger images for the buildings
- town screen UI: after building, there is a lag
- maybe add a new UI option for having the effect of highlighting all adventure objects(ON/OFF) like when holding the ALT key
- hero Army&Inventory UI screen has a lot of dead space: it could also benefit from buttons for manipulating creatures from one hero to another (see Homm3Hota)
- hero Army&Inventory UI screen: artifacts need bigger images and change the circular layout with proper body layout like it was in Homm3 and Homm4
- hero Skills UI: the skill wheel layout feels useless without dependencies between skills -> i think some kind of a table layout would have been much better and would have resulted in more space
- hero Skills UI: the skill wheel feels too bulky, it is difficult to read and plan the skills
- hero Skills UI: the skill ability icons are to small
- some of the scroll bars feel inconsistent: see hero screen specialization + current effects scroll bar and the army recruitment screen scroll bar
UI score: 5/10

2. Graphics:
Adventure map:
- the adventure map graphics seem faded, all feels foggy, i think changes to the coloring should be done

- animations need more work: sometimes you cannot see the unit retaliated
- combat graphics also feel foggy
Graphics score: 6/10

3. Game play:
- game feels very slow: hero moves very little on the adventure map
- combat is slow, core units have to much HP
- spells need more diversity
- add more adventure map spells: where is view air? where is view earth?
- re-play-ability was harmed by the fixed skills per hero class: i think you could just fix maybe 3 skills per hero class and the rest could be learned based on probabilities
- re-play-ability was harmed by the fact that the races do not feel distinct from each other
Game play score: 5/10

4. Content:
- i like the races and their line-ups: except for dungeon
- i like the spy system
- i like the town defense system with the fortification and creature recruiting
- there are only 8 artifact slots ; what happened?
- i like most of the unit models: except for the Strider/Soulless, i also don't like the black dragon model
- i like that there are more buildings on the adventure map: also mage guild building is back
- townscreens are not great but they are ok (i can live and play with them maybe except for the Necropolis one)
- also because townscreens are cartoony they feel inconsistent with the adventure map graphics
- i don't like the hero specializations
Content score: 7/10

5. Bugs:
- switching ALT-TAB several times results in game crash
- entering battles after a while results in game crash
- unit retaliation tooltip shows wrong text
- some spell effects do not trigger all the time
- game loads very slow: my pc has an i5 proc and 4gb of ram and GeForce Gtx260
- game frame rate is very low

Final thoughts:
My final thought is that the game feels rushed. I think there is still need for more time to polish/change a lot of things on different levels.
Because i am a M&M fan, i will buy the game, but i don't think a lot of people will do the same.
Too bad because the game has potential, it just needs more time and the team should listen more to the hardcore fans.
Overall beta score: 5.75/10.

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