February 09, 2015 23:14:44

I'm reading those answers and smiling...I do really have high hopes of this game! especially, since we have an opportunity to be part of it's creation:D

Kichisaburo Le Mystérieux
February 07, 2015 09:30:37

Kiedy zostanie ujawniona data premiery?
Bo już nie mogę się doczekać.

Neidhaart Le Magnifique
February 06, 2015 21:04:10

I have to additional questions:
1. In the map editor (that i hope will be better then h6 one) will we be able to somehow import custom assets?
2. Are you planing on having features like the Conflux? Some part of the Conflux was good (achivements, leveling you "account"), but most was not that well thought out (dynasty points)

February 06, 2015 10:13:04

Господа, так что с датой выхода хоть какой-то версии? А то пишут-пишут, что будет, как всё классно, дайте хоть хоть раз попробовать :(

February 05, 2015 22:45:48

Sounds really good!!!!

Enej123 Le Fou
February 04, 2015 19:48:37

It sounds goog.

February 02, 2015 06:28:04

About the fog... i always tough it would be nice to change the way it's working. It's good to have vision and to be able to see the map, but when a hero leave an area, it should become gray and you should not be able to see what is happening there. Except if you own a building in that area (need to let at least 1 unit there maybe?) it would give another dimension to the game... and make skills like eagle eye or artifacts that give more vision much more usefull

JohNsaNe Le Fidèle
February 01, 2015 21:45:08

It is always the reference to HoMM3, but
point 8: I liked the idea that neutrals could spawn. If a monthly appearance is too rare, a weekly one would imho too much. (related to the number of spawned creatures.)
point 19: there is much a slow to the movement when the turn is over after boarding... nevertheless saved this extra-turn my cities more than once when an enemy champ shows up unexpected ;)
I am curious to see how you will solve this^^

Krpan Le Destructeur
February 01, 2015 16:08:36

Will there be some new spells??

ShardofTruth Le Mystérieux
January 31, 2015 10:40:13

Thanks for answers, I really like what I'm reading. Also the sea elves are a nice additions to the neutral cast, I can't wait to see the rest.

arturo121.98 Le Mystérieux
January 31, 2015 09:14:15

I have just one more question: is premiere planing for 15th June?

January 30, 2015 22:25:56

I know every one is super excited bout Sea Elf, uupss, I mean Sea Elf Pirate, but to me she doesn't look much of an elf! More like a human with fancy clothes

January 30, 2015 18:51:51

where is my internal alpha build access key?

January 30, 2015 18:17:00

Great read! Also, the Sea Elf looks cool! :-)

Keep 'em coming!

from_Haven Le Fidèle
January 30, 2015 15:15:39

I like how and where developers move the game. I'll be waiting for... Beta! Beta! Beta!

January 30, 2015 09:23:07

How we can enter in test play, alpha or closed beta? What are terms for that?

January 30, 2015 09:29:55

The game is in alpha now(completely internal or with "VIP-fans" I think). No info on Beta yet so it might be open. The beta should commence in a few months.

January 30, 2015 22:26:59

Soon you're gonna be an expert when comes to upcoming Heroes :)

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