totenkopf96 Le Ténébreux
June 27, 2015 13:59:51

Will there be artefact sets?

Skiv27ru Le Chevaleresque
May 05, 2015 13:06:11

/!\ You have until December 9th (included) /!\

v1adimirm Le Ténébreux
April 02, 2015 09:09:50

So, when is the release day?

yurich1983 Le Fidèle
March 02, 2015 15:50:21

Была в Героях 2 концепция кастелянов замков. Этакий полугерой, который из замка не выбегал, но при осаде, в случае отсутствии героя, мог кастовать простенькие заклинания как герой. Возможно ли это реализовать в Героях 7 ? При этом каждый кастелян мог бы приносит свой бонус – ресурсы, прирост, мораль, удачу и т.п.

totenkopf96 Le Ténébreux
June 27, 2015 14:00:31

Скорее всего капитанов не будет.

SvenTheRaven Le Mystérieux
January 28, 2015 15:35:07

Wird es in jeder Fraction eine Einheit geben die heilen kann ?

January 24, 2015 14:09:08

Я капустка

January 24, 2015 14:08:56


December 30, 2014 16:29:41

Will the creature summoning of different lvl from town to hero (i.e. teleportation of purchased creatures to hero outside the town) cost different amount of mana? In H5 such summoning of creature costs 1 mana per 1 creature regardless of the creature lvl.
I think more suitable mana cost for creature summoning from town to hero is: 1 mana per 1 creature of lvl. 1, 2 mana per 1 creature of lvl. 2, .... 7 mana per 1 creature of lvl. 7
Can you consider this? Thanks.

December 16, 2014 02:09:54

Advanced magic and whether H6 has the same response time, such as the Armageddon spell.

December 16, 2014 02:15:58

And reputation of blood and tears?

December 16, 2014 02:17:53

What high order public skill strength hero is? And like a heroic charge and cleave or higher order public skill? H7 how to balance the power and magic hero hero?

December 16, 2014 02:22:20

Special hero models like H6 whether there are, such as the one eyed orcs and Naga

December 16, 2014 02:24:57

Academy whether or not the power of a hero?

December 15, 2014 14:02:14

1.Will there be a cinematic camera mode feature like in HommV?
In Heroes V and VI when a flying unit atacks an enemy that is adjacent but from a different square the animation is pretty awfull .
2. Can we hope to see some different animation on these units if not for all ? How about 3 style of animation depending on how much they walked or flew on the combat map?

Martin_939 Le Puissant
December 15, 2014 11:48:17

I Like to have in the Basion Fraktion more Orks!! :D

GrayMatters Le Magnifique
December 15, 2014 11:46:33

Are you planning to have creature packs on the map with mixed creatures?
Like a Shaman pack guarding a mine, but with also goblins when you fight it?

EnergyW Le Pirate
December 15, 2014 11:55:08

How unamusing most people do not even read the blog. Posting questions ended on 9th December, so anything beyond that is not acknowledged. Hmph!

GrayMatters Le Magnifique
December 16, 2014 11:23:53

My bad, should I apology here?
Still, it is the better place to have discussions/suggestions, without derailing to fan-fiction line-up

Plus, we have seen the team saying one thing then doing something else (votes, updates, collector contents...), so maybe they are still looking for questions

What is your thoughts on the mixed army for random creature packs? Not only is it an elegant way to diversify encounters, but also to balance game

LightAvatarX L'Incorruptible
December 14, 2014 22:42:48

Will you make different ships for each faction like you do in the warface units??????????????
for example:

PLEASE make the ships different!!!!!!!!!!

With respect,
a loyal fan

GrayMatters Le Magnifique
December 15, 2014 11:38:30

You mean aesthetically, isn't it? I also do hope mounts, ships and hero's sprite are different according to each faction

Because warfare units of the Academy are still "balista", "healing tent" and "catapult", with same functionality than Haven ones. Which is a disappointment for me

December 13, 2014 14:50:06

Will there be a random map generator?

SlumbrousShip5 Le Furieux
December 12, 2014 17:02:27

Will you return back to the original concept for giant and Titan? You already fucked up the gargoyle and now you need to bring down more constructs with it?

mErEnEfErEee Le Furieux
December 12, 2014 07:46:22

Will there be an element of constant exploring new things in the game to the very end? I think it's very important aspect in any game.

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