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Dear Shadow Councillor,

For the first time in the Might & Magic history we are giving you the opportunity to express your opinion regarding a Heroes’ Collectible. You now have the chance to vote for the Ivan figurine that will be included in the Heroes VII Collector Edition.

Ivan, Duke of Griffin, is the main character of Heroes VII. He wields the sword known as the Griffin’s Resolve, a new blade forged by the Bloodsmiths of Hammer Fall and a symbol of Ivan’s determination to bring peace to the Holy Empire.

Choose between two distinct charismatic posings, the Strategist or the Warrior to determine the final design of this 25 cm / 9.8 inches tall highly detailed figurine.

Keep checking the Shadow Council website once you have voted, as we will need your help again!

Please note that the final design of this figurine may slightly differ from the concept art elected by the community. Information related to Heroes VII Collector Edition price, date of release, and availability by country will be revealed later.

Vote for the Collector's Edition Figurine!

Status: Closed

you choose

The Strategist



you choose

The Warrior



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