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Present since the early beginning of the Heroes franchise, treasure map feature (aka “Grail hunt”) will be, of course, back in Heroes VII!

On the majority of maps, a special treasure is hidden on the adventure map and waiting for a hero to claim it great powers. This treasure is called: “Tear of Asha”.

Lore information: The Tears of Asha are highly superior forms of Dragon Crystals. Ten times larger, and a hundred times more powerful than the dragonblood crystals, these extremely rare gems were shed by Asha to end the Wars of Creation and cleanse the corruption and devastation that the forces of Chaos had brought to her creation. Their powers are nothing short of miraculous, permanently affecting a whole city or region, and capable of bending the laws of Life, Death and Fate themselves.

Revealing the treasure

When exploring the adventure map, your hero might encounter a certain number of Obelisks, depending on map size or the will of map creator. Every time an obelisk is visited, a piece of the treasure map will be removed, allowing the player to discover a portion of the map behind it. When the map is completely revealed, sometimes before, an X mark will be available in the center piece, indicating the position of the Tear of Asha.

Upon visiting the first obelisk, the Hero will be granted a new Adventure map spell: Reveal Treasure. With this spell you will be able to search your Hero location for the treasure (don't forget you can only cast one Adventure Map spell per day!). Depending of the result of your research:
  • Wrong spot: A small flag will appear on every player maps to signify them that someone tried to find the treasure at this specific location.
  • Tear of Asha location: If the Hero reveal the treasure, all flags will be removed from the adventure map and the Hero will loses all remaining movement points for this turn. His objective is now to bring the treasure back to one of his town. It is important to know that Instant Recall spell will not work when the Tear of Asha is present in the inventory of the Hero.

Tear of Asha

When the Tear of Asha is transported to a friendly town with a minimum level of 15, a special building will be available for construction. This building do not have any resource cost with the exception of the Tear of Asha of course.

This building will provide you great bonuses and treasure hunt can be a determinant strategic choice to make.

For instance, Haven players will be able to build “Elrath’s Infinite Mercy” which will provides 5000 gold per day and increases the growth of the town by 50%! Moreover, after every combat 10% of your losses will be resurrected.

Thieves Guild

The progress of uncovering the treasure map can be tracked in the Thieves Guild if dedicated slot if unlocked.

Furthermore, when this slot is unlocked for a player and he finds the Tear of Asha, you will be able to track the position of the Hero carrying this precious artifact on the mini map! Be prepared to attack him!

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