The Next Tales – Your choice 06/08/2015 | 1413 commentaires

Hello, my dear friends.

As some of you can guess, I have been rather busy these last few days. However, let me reassure you: I haven’t forgotten this council, nor do I intend to shy away from the tales you’ve asked me to relate.

Many opinions were shared, and many suggestions were given. As of now, I’ve chosen the following three topics for my next tales:

  • Information about the Nagas, and how some members of this serpentine race were incorporated into the Lotus Empire.
  • The story of the Griffin family, from the days of Ishtvan, first Duke of Griffin, to his descendant Ivan.
  • The tale of Sandro, the infamous Netherlord. Always a popular bogeyman in fireside tales…

Many of you have asked information about someone named “Raelag”, but I must confess I have no idea who this person is supposed to be. The name does ring a bell, though… where did I hear it before? It’s like a shadow in the corner of my mind. Intriguing… and very frustrating.

Anyway, don’t hesitate to continue to suggest ideas, and vote for ideas you like.
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