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Welcome, Shadows Councilors.

Many have you have expressed an interest to have a map of Ashan at hand to follow the story of the prequel articles, the Tales of the Ten Years War. The writer of these articles himself has been making an interactive Ashan Map using the website Mashupforge, in order to keep track of the various lands, cities, and other places of interest. Today we are sharing this map with you. It shows the lands of Thallan, the main continent of Ashan, at the time of Ivan’s Council (around 853 YSD).

Please keep in mind that this map was created by one person as a personal “writing aid”. It is constantly evolving, keeping track of the events unfolding in the various games of the Might & Magic franchise. While this map aims to be as canonical as possible, it may still contain a few inconsistencies. Also, some theoretical town locations might change when said towns actually appear in a game.

Use the sidebar on the left to show or hide the various items on the map, and the +/- symbols (or the wheel on your mouse) in the top right hand corner to zoom in and out. And don’t hesitate to click on the icons to display the locations’ names and descriptions (and sometimes pictures).

Have fun exploring these not-so-uncharted territories :)

Ashan Map
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