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Well met, friends.

It’s been a long time since I gave you details about the members of Ivan’s council. I already told you about the Angel Murazel and the Wizard Tanis. It’s now time for me to tell you about Anastasya, whom Ivan often calls “Aunt” (much to her annoyance). She and I have known each other for ages, and I would trust her with my life. In fact, I already have, a long, long time ago…

Anastasya was born centuries ago, a few years before the Second Eclipse. She was the youngest daughter of Duke Slava and Duchess Cate of Griffin. Charming, happy, trusting... She would have been all these things had it not been for a single accursed moment: the assassination of her father by her own hand. In spite of the intervention of her mentor (and lover), the now-infamous Archangel Uriel, pledging the crime was not of her own willing, she was delivered to the Holy Inquisition to be questioned. Her older brother Anton, all too aware of what the Inquisition would do to her to obtain a confession, chose to kill her instead.

But as you already guess, death was not the end of her, only a new beginning. Her body was smuggled away and resurrected by her great-aunt Sveltana, a Necromancer of the Seven Cities. Now part of the Undead, Anastasya decided to investigate the circumstances of her father’s death, an event she only possessed confused memories of.

She eventually discovered that the puppet master was none other than Uriel himself, who had been scheming to rekindle the fires of the Elder Wars, by accusing the Faceless of the foul deed. Enraged by what she had discovered, Anastasya decided to repay him in kind, using the same artefact he had used against her, this time to take control of his mind. Unable to control his body and defend himself, Uriel was gruesomely ripped to shreds by Demons. Anastasya and her siblings later made sure Uriel’s machinations became widely known to the populace of the Empire, leading what would be called the Charter of the Griffin, the separation of the Church and the State. But that’s another story.

In time, Anastasya drank the venom of the Mother Namtaru, an avatar of the Spider Goddess, becoming a Vampire. But contrary to most Necromancers, she refused to shun her ability to feel emotions. After succeeding Sveltana as House Eterna’s Hierophant, she married Lord Vein, a Vampire knight with a troubled past. Together they adopted a living daughter, Zakera, a spirited girl whom Vein had rescued from a massacre perpetrated by his former brother-in-arms, now nemesis – the Nethermancer, Sandro.

When Sandro tried to erase the Mother Namtaru from existence, Anastasya, due to her connection to the mystical creature, fell ill and almost died. Fortunately, Vein and Zakera were able to thwart Sandro’s plans. The Nethermancer escaped, but Anastasya recovered.

Anastasya still looks like a 17 year-old teenager, but her eyes are old and cold, and she talks with the cynical wisdom and grim acceptance that comes from surviving untold trials and tragedies. The once naïve and hopeful girl is now a harsh and sarcastic woman, although she still displays, from time to time, a bit of that youthful enthusiasm and curiosity that she once possessed in spades. Believed dead (again) during the Purge of the Necromancers that ripped the Seven Cities apart a few decades ago, Anastasya returned from her self-imposed exile to assist Ivan, her brother Anton’s descendant, in his struggle. She realizes she is now playing the role Sveltana once fulfilled for Slava – the irony is not lost on her.

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