Sylvan Townscreen - Vote 2 11/10/2014 | 1485 commentaires

Dear Shadow Council members,

The first part of the Sylvan Townscreen vote has ended and you have chosen The Tree Island setting for the Sylvan cities! Now we will be focusing on the lighting and the ambiance of this Townscreen.

/!\ Townscreens are a really important feature so please keep in mind that this vote will help us to define general direction of them but we will have to comply with all gameplay elements so final results might differ from the following concepts that aren’t related to Heroes 7 in any ways.

The options for this vote are:
  • HARMONY IN THE MOONLIGHT: some would argue the forests of Irollan are never more magical than when illuminated by Asha’s Moon and bathed in starlight. But when the howling of a lonely wolf pierces the silence of the night, some would argue the forest is at its most dangerous…
  • DANCE OF A NEW DAWN: there is nothing quite like the rise of the sun above the treetops, and the whole forest seems to come to life in a concerto of singing birds and Elven flutes. The children of Sylanna dance to the rhythm of nature, and every waking hour is a celebration of life and beauty.
Thank you for your help!

End of vote: Thursday 13/11, 23:59 CET

Sylvan Townscreen - Vote 2

Status: Closed

you choose

Harmony in the moonlight



you choose

Dance of a new dawn



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