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Dear Shadow Council members,

It has been already more than one month since the victory of the Sylvan faction and while our team is currently working on the first creatures of the line-up you selected, we’ve discussed with them an opportunity for you to have an even bigger impact on how the Sylvan faction will appear in the game.

Beginning today, a new vote is starting, different from any made in the past: you are the ones who will decide for the global atmosphere of the Sylvan Townscreen! This vote will be splitted in two:

- The first one, which begins right now, will decide for the scenery and the general setting of the townscreen. Please check below to discover the two options and more details about this vote!
- The second one, which will begin right after this one will focus on the lighting and ambiance of the Townscreen.

/!\ Townscreens are a really important feature so please keep in mind that this vote will help us to define general direction of them but we will have to comply with all gameplay elements so final results might differ from the following concepts that aren’t related to Heroes 7 in any ways.

Vote Now for the general setting!

Let’s start right away with the first decision that is in your hands: the general setting of the townscreen!

Two options:

- The Forest Sanctum: Hidden in the heart of the Forest Maze of Irollan, this Sylvan city is a majestic temple dedicated to the Earth Goddess. The temple melds with the surrounding wildlife, a true example of the harmony Elves strive to achieve.

- The Tree Island: This gigantic, millennia-old tree shelters many life forms, and the Elven city was built directly in its branches and roots, becoming part of its ecosystem. This proposal is very similar in spirit to the Heroes V Sylvan townscreen.

Thank you for your help and stay tuned in the following days for the next vote to come!

End of the vote: Sunday 09/11, 23:59 CET

Sylvan Townscreen - Vote 1

Status: Closed

you choose

The Tree Island



you choose

The Forest Sanctum



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