Skills: Nature's Revenge 07/03/2015 | 579 commentaires

Hello Councillors,

Now that you discovered the full Sylvan line-up with new dedicated page, it is time to have a look to the Faction skill of Sylvan: Nature's Revenge!

"The Elves never forgive those who harm Nature. Once an opponent has been marked as an enemy of Nature, the Elves will stop at nothing until he is utterly destroyed and his corpse turned into fertiliser."
  • Novice: Every enemy target creature of default attacks or activated abilities from the creatures of the controlling hero receives one "mark". Creatures have +4 attack while attacking for every mark on the target. All marks are removed at the end of a combat round. Enemy creatures can get 1 mark.
  • Expert: Enemy creatures can get 2 marks.
  • Master: Enemy creatures can get 3 marks.

    All skill effects are cumulative!

Next week we will introduce you the different classes of Sylvan Heroes but before leaving you for the weekend, we would like to re-introduce you the trusty steed of those fighters (low light capture):

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