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Hello Heroes,

Following the release of our first support patch last Wednesday, we are pleased to announce a small hotfix for MMH7. This new update will be titled 1.2.1 on the menu screen, so ensure you have the latest update by checking this. The hotfix is focused on performance issues and related to a save corruption.

It had been reported that after several hours of gameplay, after saving and loading multiple times, players would experience extensive load times and several RAM consumption problems. This issue was due to an exponential data increment in the save files from the Magic Guild building.

The team is currently working on a 1.3 patch for the upcoming weeks and we will keep you updated on progress as soon as possible.

The M&M Team.


Might & Magic Heroes VII
- Update 1.2.1
Date: October 20th, 2015
Version: 1.2.1 (rev Rev 32623)

[Fixed] A memory issue related to the Mages Guild in regards to saving and loading multiple times.


In the meantime, we highly recommend you – especially Windows 10 users – to ensure your video card drivers are up to date. It has been reported by several users that performance improvements were experienced after update of those ones.

Latest drivers available on: Nvidia / AMD
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