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In this time of great choices and important announcements, let us begin putting under the spotlight the Shadow actors behind the Shadow Council. We will present you the different actors behind the development of M&M Heroes VII and this website. In time, you will be able to learn more about different protagonists, the men and women who are working on this awesome project.

To begin with, we are pleased to introduce ourselves, we are the Community Developers Arnaud (Ubi-Nox) and Gaëtan (Kimmundi) in charge of the content of this website!

Do not hesitate to ask any questions about us and our passion in the comment section, we will focus on the questions related to the topic of this article only!

Meet the Team: Arnaud & Gaëtan

Gaëtan (left) & Arnaud (right), Community Developers

1. Who are you and what is your role in the Heroes VII team?

Arnaud (Ubi-Nox): Hello everybody, my name is Arnaud and I’m working as Community Developer for the Might & Magic Franchise. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to share with you my passion for this project and today with my own name!

Joining the M&M team was like a dream to me and it all started in April 2013. After finishing my International Business studies, I applied to an intern position at Ubisoft as Community Developer Assistant. I had no clue at that time about the project related to the offer and the surprise was huge when I discovered this amazing opportunity to join M&M team. At the end of my internship, I had the chance to return as Community Developer on the brand and expand the field of my responsibilities.

Along with Gaëtan, our objective is to create meaningful content for the fans and maintain excitation until and after the release of the game. For example, we are in charge of the Shadow Council website and are working with the teams to provide quality content on a regular basis in respect with the Production progress and Marketing constraints. Of course we do not write all articles (the Lore ones for example) but our job is to ensure that all the requirements are reached to contribute to this website in the best conditions (content roadmap management, assets creation, proofread etc.)

However this is not all, we are also in direct contact with communities to help them receive relevant information (Q&A, interviews etc.) but also supporting them for event organization (fandays, goodies etc.). As we are integrated within the core team of the project, we are also representing the community expectations in all major discussions and are fighting to deal with project constraints and our shared hopes.

Gaëtan (Kimmundi): I am Gaëtan, aka Kimmundi on the forums and websites and I’m a community developer for MM Heroes VII and a Community Manager for MM: DoC. I’ve begun working for Might & Magic: Duel of Champions in June 2013 as a Community Manager, and as Arnaud needed help, I joined the Heroes VII team in September 2014 (I’m the “new guy” in the team). It was a great honor as I would be able to join on a project that passionate me and for which my experience on another M&M game could prove valuable!

2. Could you describe the process of your work? What is the best part of your job?

Arnaud (Ubi-Nox): The great thing about this job is that there is no “average day” because you always have something different to achieve. Sometimes you can spend the entire day to organize events such as Fandays or hours to edit pictures and videos for the website. Updating official channels is generally done on a daily basis (or at least we are trying to :)) but this website is definitively our main task at the moment. The whole process from the idea of an article to the publication is not always without pitfalls.

Moreover, a good part of our duty is dedicated to discussions with teams (and VIPs) in order to find solutions all together to implement features, be able to create articles about specific topics etc. It is sometimes difficult to share information about Work In Progress content but we will continue to fight hard to deliver the maximum for this website. :)
The best part of this position would be that you never have the opportunity to get bored and you always have something new and exciting to discover: Twitch sessions, implementation of Role Play tones articles, setting up of meaningful vote possibilities etc.

Gaëtan (Kimmundi): The best part of the job would be the community feedback: reading the comments, the forums, exchanging with the community and planning new content according to all of that!
There’s no usual day. But usually, I try to spend some time reading the comments, social channels, forums… to get a wide view of what the community is talking about at the moment. Then there’s the planning stuff: make sure the article are written and approved, prepare their publication on the website and the coverage on our social channels. And then, there’s the rest: meetings with the team to discuss the next steps and incoming articles, prepare interviews, request information, staying informed (on the development and on other stuff as well, we need to stay uptodate on a lot of subjects).

3. What are you the most proud of? 

Arnaud (Ubi-Nox): If you are following this website on a regular basis, you may have already a good overview of our work. However, I must admit that even if I’m really pleased by what we achieved until now, I’m looking forward to the following months of this communication roadmap that I’m sure will be even more exciting! Haven line-up full reveal was a great momentum for all of us and I’m glad many of you joined us for our Twitch, we hope that we will be able to do even better next time as soon as we have a new demo to show you all!

On another topic, being a M&M fan for years, there is something really kind to my heart about the true orientation of the team towards communities and it is always a pleasure for me to exchange with our fan sites representatives or VIPs.

Gaëtan (Kimmundi): Well-written articles and their comments. It’s a pure joy to be able to share one’s work with the world and get feedbacks, good or bad, on it. It’s often based on information gathered with the team, but putting it in form and adding my own touch is always something I’ve liked to do.

4. Are you a Might & Magic fan? Tell us more about your history with the franchise. 

Arnaud (Ubi-Nox): My love story with Might & Magic started in 1999. Like many of you I’ve started with Heroes 3 of Might & Magic and still continue to play it on several occasions. Since, I played all the following opuses but also took the time to benchmark a lot Heroes 1 & 2 (I must admit that number 2 is also a massive reference for the genre in my opinion).

For years I have been playing Heroes 3 with friends on hot seat mode and from times to times we continue our games sessions. I’m not really a campaign guy so what really matters for me is gameplay and balancing (+factions) but rest assured, we have also some people here really invested in all story topics!

If I had to pick only one Heroes it would be (not very original answer incoming) the number 3 :)
It all started here for me and it also represents today what most fans call the “true heroes experience”. With what I can see about Heroes 7 development, I might admit that I am truly confident because even if the team improves the formula with great features, they managed to respect those solid roots.

I had to pick only one faction, it would be of course Necropolis and the Dread Knights from Heroes 3 as favorite creature :) Or maybe a new creature from Heroes 7 that might blow you mind, but it is not for now…

My favorite part of Heroes VII is the map editor, but I’m not the best one to tackle the subject and I don’t want to spoil everything; so stay tuned in the following months, we are preparing also some great interviews of the people in charge of this tool ;) (yeah I’m sorry, the last two paragraphs are only teasing you but I guarantee it will worth the wait!)

Gaëtan (Kimmundi): I’ve played Dark Messiah, Heroes V & VI mostly (a bit of the third as well), Clash of Heroes (on mobile, it’s really fun) and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. I’ve really become a M&M fan with Dark Messiah when I documented myself about all the lore behind the franchise, and working for quite some time on Duel of Champions made me even more of a fan.

Favorite game would be Duel of Champions, but mostly because I worked so much on it I love it. In terms of Lore and Flavor, I’m a Haven guy, with a strong feeling for Sanctuary (my heart can’t choose, and I find some decisions/past actions of the Holy Empire… debatable). Academy also holds a special place for me, I love their theme. Favorite creatures would be the Academy constructs, can’t name one in particular but I love the Titans and their story, this kind of revival of Shantiri technology. Duel of Champions has a lot of them.

Favorite part of H7? The Shadow Council without hesitation! I love this deep lore, this feeling of conspiracy and secrecy… it still has a lot of reveal and contribute to the game…

5. What are currently Reading, playing, watching?

Arnaud (Ubi-Nox): I hope I won’t repeat myself since my interview from Might & Magic X – Legacy but I’m still not a reading person. The only books I achieve to read in the previous years were Role Play books or Campaigns for a Pathfinder adventure I’m currently handling with friends as Game Master.

Concerning Video Games, my favorite genres are Strategy games and RPGs. If I had to pick only one game in all history it would be  Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, a RPG that did not receive the success it deserves and with no legitimate heir at the moment (you should definitely try it! At the moment, I’m preparing myself for the next Civilization installment (tomorrow!) and play Borderlands the Pre-Sequel with some friends (as Claptrap, obviously). To finish on the gaming topic, here a small list of my references: Civilization (+Civnet for good old time memories), Age of Empires II, Warcraft III, Heroes III & more!

I also like Japanese animation but I’m a bit picky on this topic so my favorite’s ones are maybe not up to date :) If you want discover some great examples (maybe not for all audience): Neon Genesis Evangelion, Elfen Lied & Berzek. In addition to this, I really appreciate the music of this genre but also Metal & Rock classics.

Gaëtan (Kimmundi): I’m currently reading Flood by Steven Baxter. Playing, well depends at what moment and with whom, but I’m mostly on Fantasy Life and Super Smash Bros on 3DS, Alien Isolation and The Evil Within on PC and Mario Kart 8. I just started watching Archer and I’ll soon have finished it as I really love it, and otherwise I follow the “mainstream” TV shows (The Walking Dead, Gotham, Arrow, South Park, The Big Bang Theory). I’m definitively more a tv show than a film guy, it takes less time!

6. A Message to the fans? A Moto to share?

Arnaud (Ubi-Nox): Thank you all for your support on this platform, it is really exciting to see your passion since the announcement of the game. Managing this platform and all articles is a lot of work so we hope you find this content interesting and that you are looking forward what is coming next (we are too)!

My motto: “Never surrender, with glory we fall!” (Hammerfall - Heeding The Call)

Gaëtan (Kimmundi): Do a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Always see life on the good side and never fear change. In every aspect of life, change is scary but can bring great things. I think it can also apply to Heroes VII ;)

Feel free to add questions if you have something interesting to share! 
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