Haven video & some screenshots 06/05/2015 | 1519 commentaires

Document sans nom Hello Councillors,

Today we are pleased to share with you a new gameplay video of the title featuring Haven faction. Discover in this video a new skirmish map exploration but also for non-veteran players a small introduction/tutorial to Heroes gameplay! (English subtitles are available directly on video options)

Important information about this video: present game footage is based on an older version of the game than the one of the current Beta. Due to several technical reasons we had to delay this video several times and result may no longer represent current quality of the game. We would also like to thank you all for your patience concerning this faction video that was announced quite a long time ago now.

Since some of you already had the opportunity to see a first version of this video in the nature (to our great disappointment), we also decided to present something new to everybody and added 3 exclusive screenshots from the underground of first Necropolis campaign map. Don’t worry we do not forget about the Vampire and the Lich, we are also looking forward their reveal time :)

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