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Hello Councillors,

It has been already 4 months since the announcement of Might & Magic Heroes VII at Gamescom.

Since then, we had the great pleasure to share and live with you the development of the game. This platform has been more than a website for us and it was particularly exiting to be able to share even more with all Heroes fans. As you may know, this is not always easy to share such amount of information because it can be perceived as a risk since those are work in progress documents and assets.

However today we do not regret this decision and the whole team would like to take the time to thank you all for your great support and commitment on this Shadow Council.

Indeed, more than 80 articles were published (including 11 votes) in this –relatively- short period and we received almost 90K comments! This is particularly impressing and even if creating content for this website is a heavy task, we know this is worthy thanks to you all.

There were also some inevitable hot topics from times to times but we do hope that our vision for Heroes VII will continue to give you interest and don’t worries we still have some great surprises to show you in the following months!

End of the year celebrations are coming close and after this intense period the website team will take some holidays to restore their batteries and come back on January even stronger than ever! Thus, activity will be reduced for the next two weeks but we will continue to monitor your comments as always.

Nevertheless, we know that we can’t “disappear” without offering you one last gift for this great year of 2014. We heard your trustful passion and since our objective is to provide “The best of Heroes”, we decided to implement something that has been highly requested recently.

Available as an option that you will be able to enable or disable, the team implemented for the new milestone a specific feature that we know many of you have been eagerly waiting for… We are sure you already understood which one we are talking about and we can hear your voices in our heads chanting “#GURS #GURS #GURS #GURS”!

YES! Yes, Random skills will be available in Heroes VII! As an option for the ones who want it and the ones who don’t :)

Aside note on this topic: Please keep in mind that we do not support spamming and the objective of this website is to present all aspects of the game and receive various and unique feedback from all players. Random Skills was a still in discussion topic and we won’t be able to change already implemented features or decisions.

We hope that this great news will allow you to bear the wait until January! Again from the whole team, thank you very much for your passion and your great support! We wish you all amazing end of year celebrations!

See you soon Councillors!
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