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Two factions, almost unknown on the face of Ashan. The Infernal demons of Sheogh, spawns of Urgash, for long the enemy of the people of Ashan. The cave-dwelling Dark Elves, followers of the Faceless, adorers of Malassa, historic foes of their forlorn brothers, the Sylvan Elves.

Ivan must however find allies everywhere to achieve his goals. You must help him make a choice. He would surely follow your advice, and we have not yet reached the end of our debates.

You have one week left to vote and choose councilors. We know that a lot of you haven’t casted their votes yet, or may be inclined to switch sides. In the secrecy, we are already looking at the ballots and everything can still change… Advocates can be found anywhere, don’t hesitate to invite people you trust to this council and convince them to vote.

We are nearing the end of our census! Cast your votes, convince your fellow councilors to change their minds (by any means you deem necessary) and we will meet up once again in a week time to announce the results of this vote. Both factions have something to bring to Heroes VII adventure, but only one can join…

Dungeon vs. Inferno

Status: Closed

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you choose




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