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Dear Councillors,

A few weeks ago, you chose to hear the stories of the mysterious Dark Elves from Ygg-Chall and influence the rise of the Griffin with those precious learnings from the past.

Then, the members of this council had burning discussions to decide the armies that may reach the surface to participate to the battle. Today we are pleased to give you the opportunity to go further with a new townscreen vote!

Indeed, you will be able during the whole week to vote for your favorite townscreen setting for the Dungeon faction between the following two options:
  • Faceless memories: Hidden in the ruins of an ancient Faceless city, the Dark elves have carved deep in the cliffs and unearthed long-forgotten relics laying in the shadows.
  • Star of the Deeps: Built on a rich vein of precious resources, this Dark Elf city is illuminated by the light of glowing crystals and the fierce independent spirit of its inhabitants.
Due to the fact that Dungeon cities only are encountered in undergrounds, we decided to limit the Dungeon vote to a single vote.

/!\ Townscreens are a really important feature so please keep in mind that this vote will help us to define general direction of them but we will have to comply with all gameplay elements so final results might differ from the following concepts that aren’t related to Heroes 7 in any ways.

It is time Councillors to cast your vote and make you voice heard!

Dungeon Townscreen Vote

Status: Closed

you choose

Faceless Memories



you choose

Star of the deeps



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