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Hello Councillors,

Today we have the great pleasure (but also the difficult task) to announce the winners of our Paris Fanday contest!

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your participation! Even after 20 years, the passion remains strong in this community and we received moving testimonies from all over the globe. Most of you discovered this game when they were really young and kept fighting for the best of the franchise since then. We knew that our community was devoted, but it is even clearer today.

Thank you for your true words, your creations and your passion.

Before breaking the news, we would like to remind you that this might not be our last event and we will keep this Council at the center of our attention. All participants will also be rewarded in the upcoming weeks with special bonuses in this website, stay tuned!

This decision really was hard to take and so we are sorry for all the other members that would have deserved to be part of us for this day. We decided to invite a few more people than originally planned but many others have our complete recognition today.

The time has come, you will find underneath the complete list of attendees for the Paris event from the Shadow Council:
  • GalaadleHaut
  • BeYo_OnD
  • Lizard_Warrior
  • EmeraldPhoenix
  • JotunLogi
  • Xiaraz
  • Roch-Silverfang
Congratulations to all participants!

Don’t forget that this is the list of your representatives so do not hesitate to prepare questions you would like them to ask to the team during the event!

If your name is on the list, please contact us as soon as possible using the email mentioned in this article (don’t forget to add your username):

Thank you again Councillors.
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