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Thank you all for your participation, the contest is now over :) We will review the entries and contact winners in the next few days!
Hello Councillors,

Today, we have great news to share!

Indeed, during the second week of March the M&M Team will have the pleasure to receive a great selection of various gaming magazines and websites from different countries to present the game progress and unveil some new exciting information. This event will allow us to let the press put their hands on the game for the first time and discover the upcoming fierce & wild faction in exclusivity.

First previews of the game should be available after this event so we will do our best to deliver great Heroes experience!

At this occasion, we decided to dedicate one day to the community by inviting some contributors of this platform and M&M VIPs to our place. The objective of this special event will be to give some of you the opportunity to play the game but also meet and discuss with the team as Shadow Council representative!
Unfortunately we won’t be able to invite as many members as we would like to in order to represent this Council but we will start to contact some of you by email in the next few days among the top members of this platform. Due to the fact that we are located in Paris Area, we will give priority to closest members in order to invite a maximum of participants but other events might happen in the future in alternative areas.
However, we also wanted to give all of you a chance to be part of this event and will invite TWO additional members of this Council to join us!

The event will take place near Paris on Friday, March 13th. The winner will be invited by the M&M Team, with all logistic expenses covered (transport, hotel, etc.).

At the menu:
  • Friday 13
    • Morning: Arrival
    • Mid-day: Welcome and lunch
    • Afternoon: Play and chat with the team
    • Evening: Diner with the team
    • Night: Let’s have a drink!
  • Saturday 14 Return
In order to participate to the contest you just have to share your passion for Might & Magic before February Wednesday 25th 00:00am CET.

To do so, all means are available: you can share in the comments section why you think you are the hardest Heroes fan, share pictures, videos or anything that could support this statement! Originality will be rewarded and even if you are not selected in the end, your contribution will be rewarded through this website.

The jury will be composed of the full M&M Ubisoft Team that will debate of who will join us for this glory day!
Of course, you will be able to share anything you want after this event, including your opinion about the game, the event, the interaction with the team etc. However, we will have to make you sign a non-disclosure-agreement to make sure that no information is shared before embargo time (end of March, exact date to be confirmed). We are sorry for this little counterpart but it is necessary for organizing this event that no information is “leaked” before the press is able to publish their news too.  You might also be interviewed/photographed/recorded during this event for the purpose of an article in the Shadow Council.
We wish you all good luck for this event and are looking forward meeting some of you to share our passion all together!
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Ubi-Nox  L'Ombre de la Mort February 25, 2015 09:42:50

Thank you all for your participation, the contest is now over :) We will review the entries and contact winners in the next few days!

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