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Hello Heroes,

Today we are glad to announce that a patch is now available for MMH7 Beta!

This patch (version: 20998) will be automatically downloaded through Uplay & Steam.

It contains a total of 115 hot fixes, including improvements (but not limited to) on following topics:
  • Multiplayer (desyncs, impossible to join/load etc.),
  • Combat (“fight again” feature fix and other various fixes),
  • Adventure Map (caravan “unload all” fix, creature auto stack in garrison, etc.),
  • HUD (various text/description fixes and more.),
  • Menu (various fixes),
  • Skill/Abilities (various fixes).
See patch note underneath for full release note.

We would like to thank you again for your commitment during this beta phase. We will continue to track all bugs down until the release and improve the experience especially on AI aspects (currently our top priority).

Don’t forget to check known issues listing for more information and workarounds.

The M&M Team.

Version 20998 (2015-06-11)

Adventure Map
  • [AdventureMap] After building the School of Magic the user is able to recruit Disciples without upgrading the building
  • [AdventureMap] After several siege attacks the first owner of the academy city has to fight it's own defence
  • [AdventureMap] Areas of terrain are unpassable at the player 1 starting position
  • [AdventureMap] Creatures are automatically stacking when moving the hero from visiting to garrison
  • [AdventureMap] Most neutral creatures on the adventure map are severely under-powered
  • [AdventureMap] The "Warehouse" building will appear as Not Visited after a week passes
  • [AdventureMap] The artifact Pirate Armour from the center of the map cannot be accessed
  • [AdventureMap] The Core Dwellings near the players starting positions are not accessible
  • [AdventureMap] The game will start with the AI turn and no fog off war above the AI castle if the user changes the position value to a bigger number than the AI
  • [AdventureMap] The last two navigation buttons from Haven Town View are visible to the player while no building is assigned to them
  • [AdventureMap] The resource piles north-east of the player 2 starting position can be taken without fighting the neutral army
  • [AdventureMap] The shallow river area is unpassable
  • [AdventureMap] The Tax Collector building appears as "not visited" after being captured
  • [AdventureMap] There are 3 groups of inaccessible resources close to Player 4 initial area
  • [AdventureMap] Unit increase exploit encountered during unit upgrade if certain steps are followed
  • [AdventureMap] Units of different types are not placed in the same caravan when recruited from a captured town
  • [AdventureMap] Unloading a caravan by pressing the "try to unload all" button will multiply the transported units indefinitely
  • [AdventureMap] When creating a caravan the "recruit all" button will cause creature stacks to disappear
  • [Combat] A fire elemental stack will remain suspended in the air after being defeated
  • [Combat] Creatures can move anywhere on the battlefield
  • [Combat] Fight again button does not reset the armies
  • [Combat] Resource piles appear on the combat map
  • [Combat] The "Obsidian Gargoyle" has broken animation when moving while in combat mode
  • [Combat] The "soldering hands" ability allows the player to repair a unit that has no damage
  • [Combat] The Cavalier and Cuirassier units receive damage when retaliating to an enemy attack
  • [Combat] The guardian and justicar units have unlimited retaliations
  • [Combat] The haven townscreen interface can be accesed during combat preventing the player to return to combat
  • [Combat] The player cannot fight siege battles if the "force quickcombat" option is set
  • [Combat] Using Quick Combat to pass a Town Siege will load a Siege map during the next Manual Fight
  • [Combat] If the city defenders select Surrender, the results menu will become broken and no combats can be started
  • [HUD] Buildings needed for obtaining Warfare units cannot be built from the Recruit Warfare Units tab
  • [HUD] Debug elements are present on the skillwheel screen, after the hero is defeated
  • [HUD] Debug output "-2 ?INT?MMH7Game.H7Combat.TT_MANA?" present when a Djinn creature uses the ability Mana Drain
  • [HUD] Debug Output present on the Combat Results screen in certain conditions
  • [HUD] Debug text %stat present in Father of Golems specialization description
  • [HUD] Debug text %tt present in Defend button description
  • [HUD] Debug text ?% can be noticed in the Deadly Strike ability description
  • [HUD] Debug text is present after assigning a governor on the "confirm" button
  • [HUD] Debug text is present in the Academy Town caravan setup window
  • [HUD] Debug text is present in the hero tool tip when playing with Edric
  • [HUD] Incomplete text after fleeing a battle
  • [HUD] Incomplete text present in the description of the "Barbarian Cape" artifact
  • [HUD] Inconsistency between the tooltip and the effect of the Earth Scholar skill
  • [HUD] Incorect description for "awareness" skill tooltip
  • [HUD] Incorect description for "reinforcements" tooltip
  • [HUD] Incorect description for 'Vicious shot" skill tooltip
  • [HUD] Incorect tooltip description for "adaptability" skill
  • [HUD] Leaving the construct screen immediately after issuing a build command leaves the navigation bar unchanged
  • [HUD] Leaving the hall of heroes screen takes the user directly to the adventure map under certain conditions
  • [HUD] Level 3 Fortifications misinform the player to believe that he will receive Local Guards to defend his town
  • [HUD] Necropolis hero model will appear on screen when the skill window is closed
  • [HUD] Placeholder present in the thieves guild hero tab after the enemy faction lost his main hero
  • [HUD] Sometimes the user is not able to discard the message that appears when opening the list of spells from Haven Village
  • [HUD] Sometimes, when engaging in a fight with an enemy, hostile army combat pop-up will not appear
  • [HUD] The "cuirassier" recruitment window will change to the "horseman" recruitment after recruiting any haven unit
  • [HUD] The attack tooltip displays no retaliation for all attacks
  • [HUD] The building interface can be accessed from within the Recruit Warfare Units panel and remains stuck on screen
  • [HUD] The font used for hero names, on the Hire new Heroes tab is very small, in certain conditions
  • [HUD] The Hall of Heroes screen will remain on screen if the user closes the skillwheel by use of the escape key
  • [HUD] The inventory slot gets corrupted when replacing artifacts using drag and drop
  • [HUD] The last two Academy Town tabs share the same icon as the Caravan Arrivals tab
  • [HUD] The max level XP counter does not update correctly when reaching level 29 and 30, it will show 0
  • [HUD] The notification "neutral army defeated" appears at the beginning of a skirmish game
  • [HUD] The notifications will appear and can be accessed during the fight if game menu is open
  • [HUD] The user is able to open the detailed view of a nonexistent hero
  • [HUD] The visiting hero's avatar icon will be replaced by a newly purchased hero's specific icon until reentering the castle
  • [HUD] There is no message informing the user that doesn't have any slots remaining in order to hire new heroes
  • [HUD] Units portrait in the initiative bar are shifted downwards and partially hidden after right clicking them
  • [HUD] Water Shield ability tool tip has decimals for one value
  • [HUD] When accessing Thieves Guild the "Tear of ashan" tab displays a percentage of 999
  • [HUD]A build prompt will remain open outside of the town in certain conditions
  • [HUD]A quickbar appears on the adventure map after loading a game
  • [HUD]Building the Town Portal doesn't teach the Instant Recall spell until revisiting the town
  • [HUD]Loading a saved game while playing with Haven will show a misplaced recruitment menu
  • [HUD]The artifact information does not fit the window of the Artifact recycler
  • [HUD]The description for the 'Recruit' button doesn't update
  • [HUD]The icons on the initiative queue shift down when opening tooltips from them
  • [HUD]The Instant Recall spell appears in the Magic Guild even without building the portal
  • [HUD]The 'Recruit all' button doesn't refresh when changes are made in the 'Recruit new creatures' menu
  • [HUD]The skill icon does not chage after changing the hero in the "Skills" menu
  • [HUD]There are no warfare units shown when attacking a castle
  • [HUD]Units can be lost in the Recruit Creatures menu in certain conditions
  • [Menu] Changes made to the player 1 settings in the skirmish setup are not reflected in-game
  • [Menu] Starting with the Haven hero Amilcar will spawn a random hero from any faction
  • [Menu] The user is not prevented when exiting the multiplayer lobby with a message
  • [Menu] Title crashes after loading a save made after loading a previous save from the same game on Dried Lands
  • [Multiplayer] A player receives an out of sync message when ending the turn in certain conditions
  • [Multiplayer] Losing a skirmish map by having no city for 7 days leaves the player on the map in spectator mode
  • [Multiplayer] Out of Sync messages appear for Clients throughout a session
  • [Multiplayer] Players remain stuck on the battle screen when a client quits to main menu during his turn
  • [Multiplayer] Recruiting units from a fort will bring the game out of sync
  • [Multiplayer] Saved games appear as placeholder for the clients
  • [Multiplayer] The "become observer" option is available for a losing player in a 2 player match
  • [Multiplayer] The client can join the multiplayer session that is in progress
  • [Multiplayer] The HUD does not specify which player's turn it is
  • [Multiplayer] The load/save system is not functional for multiplayer games
  • [Multiplayer] The lobby is unjoinable when a client loads a multiplayer game
  • [Multiplayer] The map does not finish loading if a client disconnects during the loading screen
  • [Multiplayer] The usernames get swapped amongst players when transitioning from the lobby to the session
  • [Multiplayer] Title crashes when a client exits to desktop on his turn
  • [Multiplayer] Title is brought out of sync after a player activates Auto Combat
  • [Multiplayer] Title is brought out of sync when moving the Hero in certain conditions
  • [Multiplayer] Users experience faulty behavior after finishing a multiplayer skirmish match
  • [Multiplayer] When entering a quick combat with a stack of Sandstone Golems the game went out of sync
  • [Multiplayer] When moving right after a quick combat with a stack of Rakshasas the game went out of sync
  • [Multiplayer] When saving a game during a clients turn, an out of sync occurred
  • [Skills/Abilities] Creatures affected by the Frenzy spell will not get retaliated when attacking
  • [Skills/Abilities] Debug output is present on the tooltip of the "Stone Spikes" spell
  • [Skills/Abilities] Debug output present on the "Storm Arrows" spell tooltip from the hero spell book.
  • [Skills/Abilities] Debug output present on the "Sun Beam" spell tooltip from the hero spell book.
  • [Skills/Abilities] Debug output present on the tooltip of the "Lightning Burst" spell.
  • [Skills/Abilities] The "Teleport" spell does not provide unlimited range when the player has "Prime Magic" master level.
  • [Skills/Abilities] The "Weakness" spell subtracts more damage than it states in the tool tip
  • [Skills/Abilities] The Frenzy spell will cause the buffed creature's attack to go into negative values
  • [Skills/Abilities] The user is able to target his own units with the Implosion spell
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