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Hello Councillors,

The time has now come and even if it is difficult to close this chapter, this is only the beginning of your journey with MMH7!

Today we would like to thank you all for your participation to the beta. We hope you had a great time discovering the game!

We were able to witness your commitment to the M&M franchise during this beta, as well as your expertise in this domain! Of course, every player has his vision of what the best Heroes experience would be, but thanks to your amazing level of feedback, we will do our best to provide a great gaming experience when we release!

Today, we’re happy to take this opportunity to share with you our planning for the upcoming months.


First of all, it is important to know that right now, the project is entering a new phase where developers will no longer add new features but focus on fixing and debugging existing ones. Of course the Beta did not offer all the options you know about (simturn, map editor etc.) but we have today all the elements at our disposal to offer  great Heroes gameplay. This will only be possible with an important focus on fixing and improving. We will not make concessions and will tackle all the remaining issues of the game: AI, performance, bugs, missing/wrong information, balancing (cf. next part for more information).

After months and months of core development, this beta was also the opportunity for us to provide a version of the game to all our testers and quality control teams. They also helped us to identify various issues, some of them crossing with your feedback.

We managed in a single week to fix 115 issues while keeping development at the core of our objective, so we will be able to be even more efficient in the upcoming months :) We have at the moment a bit more than 1K unique issues (ranging from really small ones such as typos: missing tooltips etc. - to major ones: crashes, performance, AI etc.) in our database (including your feedback of course). We are confident about the release in September and not only because it is what we announced as release date :)

In addition to giving you the opportunity to test the game in exclusivity, this beta was also for us a life-fire exercise to ensure a smoother release by anticipating compatibility issues and identifying workarounds. The use of the Unreal Engine and better development tools will allow us to provide an improved release version over previous instalment but also  much better support in the future.

Fear not Councillors, we won’t subject you to news about debugging every day until the release ;) Our team will work on debugging because this is just what we have to do. We have great content to share and it will start no later than next week!

In the meantime, our game content creators will continue to polish the existing maps but also keep you apprised on the map front until release (campaigns, skirmish, combat maps etc.). We are looking forward to showing you more of them and giving you a glimpse of MMH7’s true variety. 


Balancing is a long process, especially in a game like Heroes where it is a key feature of the experience. This is a top priority for us and for the final game .Contrary to Heroes VI, we have powerful and flexible tools to help us balance the game.

As for the global development of the game, our main objective until the beginning of this month was to setup the different elements and then concentrate our efforts on fixing, tweaking and improving on our elements.

It is more than obvious but of course the best way to ensure balancing is done right is to play the game again and again… It is important to keep in mind that everybody can disagree with balancing based on his own preferences and playstyle and thateach ability by its own can appear weak or overpowered. However,it is always the entire system that needs to be taken into account and this can only be done through intense play sessions.

During this beta we received a great number of feedback, especially in terms of balancing, so we thought you deserved to know how we will process  them.
  • Step1: We will  extract all balancing feedback involving bugs or broken features in order to have them treated directlyby the development team. This can also be related to missing tooltips or confusing information.
  • Step 2: We will then study all reported value issues (spells, skills, resource cost etc.) and suggest several alternatives while keeping in mind the whole gameplay aspect.
  • Step 3: If some elements are still not fixed with the previous steps, we will verify if those elements don’t fit the gameand possible solutions for these.
  • Step 4: To finish, we will implement everything and test the entire balancing issues directly in the game and reiterate the previous steps as much as we need until we reach a satisfying result.
Here is an example of the tools we are using for creature and building balancing:

Thank you again for your passion Councillors, stay tuned next week for the beginning of the Sylvan reveal... 
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