Beta Factions: You have Chosen! 07/16/2015 | 599 commentaires

Hello Councillors,

The time has come for the official results of the upcoming Beta Faction vote!

During the last two weeks, you had the opportunity to decide which factions will be playable in Closed Beta 2 and your voice has been heard!

Today we are glad to announce the victory of Sylvan and Dungeon!

nemy brothers sharing a bitter history, they will show no mercy to each other…

Those two factions will join the fight alongside Haven and Academy, stay tuned for more information about MMH7 Closed Beta 2.

Don’t forget to join the waiting list if you are interested in playing the Beta!

Official results as follow:
  • Stronghold: 11% 
  • Necropolis: 27% 
  • Sylvan: 29% 
  • Dungeon: 33%
This time again the recount showed no irregularities in the final results, thank you Councillors!
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