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Hello Councillors,

For a while now many of you have been asking for more information regarding the topic of the Artefacts in MMH7. Since you will be able to discover some of them in the upcoming Beta, let's have a look to a first selection of them!

Concerning Artefacts sets:
  • Some major sets are composed of up to 5 unique artefacts and each of them granting additional bonuses when cumulating. 
  • Some other artefacts belongs to "families". When two artefacts of the same family are associated, they also provide additional bonuses but which cannot be cumulated over 2 items. 
Bonuses & values of those artifects are still work in progress and will be balanced until the very end of the development.


Minor Major Relic

Elven Boots Black Guard's Gloves
Arcane Bracelets
Cap of the Explorer
Feet Hands Hands Head
+4 Hero Movement points +10 Initiative for friendly ranged Creatures
+2 Might
+4 Magic Grants the spell Implosion
+2 Scouting Radius

Crystal Circlet White Wolf Shield Notebook of the Engineer Dragon Shield
Head Misc. Misc. Misc.
+2 Spirit
+4 Defense
+10 Attack for friendly warfare units.
+8 Defense

Crystal Necklace
Dragon Heart
Moon Talisman Dwarven Spaulders
Neck Neck Neck Shoulders
+2 Magic
+8 Magic
+4 Magic +10 Destiny
+5 Leadership

Diplomat's Coat
Regal Armour
Staff of the Lyre Assassin's Blade
Shoulders Torso Weapon Weapon
+5% chance for negotiations with neutral armies.
+2 Defense +5 Leadership
+8 Magic
+2 Might
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