A message from the MMH7 Team 02/05/2015 | 4201 commentaires

Hi there,
A word from the team!

Today, we would like to share serious thoughts with you all.

Indeed, for us this website is a platform for mutual respect and passionate exchanges, and we would like first of all to ask you to stay civil and polite at all time.

We do accept passion and criticisms but there is always a way to put things. Some comments in the past few weeks have been way over the line, regarding to the message they were delivering (name shaming for instance) but also the selected words and tones. We do want to promote transparency and free-opinion, but if this becomes necessary, we might have to delete some belligerent messages and lock down posts if things are getting out of hands. Moreover, we won’t also tolerate attacks towards other members of this community. We are responsible for this website and cyber harassment is thankfully becoming a more and more serious matter in our societies. Threatening people online or sharing sexist or racist statements are highly reprehensible actions, and we are determined to keep the Might & Magic franchise with a tolerant and responsible community.

This has nothing to do with the nature of opinions expressed in the comments section, and we would not trade all this overwhelming passion for a quieter website. You are our beloved community (even when you scold us), but some basic politeness would be much appreciated.

Keep in mind it’s not just me Ubi-Nox around here. The whole development team is actively reading your comments. We are a passionate 40+ people strong team, all dedicated to develop a great game already two years in the making. We do not ask you to keep your mouth shut or to agree with each part of our little on-going project, but we really want to keep all the nasty business out of the comment section.

On a side note:  Erwan is not directly involved in the actual development of the game. He is the creative director of the brand and helps us staying true to its legacy, but he is not making the call on most of the decisions we discuss on this website. We are. So calling for his firing from Ubisoft is both unacceptable and completely mis-targeted.

Remember: comment, debate, argue, but keep the vitriol at bay.

Cheers, and do not forget: Asha uses all.
The Heroes 7 Team.
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