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MMH7 Beta: 3 days to go


A last (small) word before Monday. 

MMH7 Beta Twitch Session!


Don't forget, we are live on Twitch on Thursday 21st at 6pm CEST!

Artefacts in MMH7


Discover today a first selection of artefacts you will be able to encounter in MMH7 Beta next week.

Skills: Exploration, Leadership & Warfare


Today let’s conclude the presentation of Might Skills with the remaining 3 of them: Exploration, Leadership & Warfare.

Skills: Dark & Earth Magic


Today let’s discover not one but two Magic Schools with the presentation of Earth Magic & Dark Magic!

MMH7 Beta Stream on May 21st


Book your agenda right now: May 21st at 7pm CET on!

MMH7 Option Menu


Discover a first glimpse of MMH7 option menu

Skills: Economy & Paragon


A few weeks ago we introduced the Skill of Destiny, the first of the 3 Neutral skills in MMH7. Today, we are glad to complete this list with: Paragon & Economy!