Wulfor Wulff.

Lord Wulff, is from a "bastard" dynasty related to house Wolf, though no one bothers to consider them posibilities to ever claim the duchy themselves since Wulfor's grandmother was a milk-maid instead of a noble woman. Which suits Wulfor just fine. A simple, and mostly honourable, man who rules over a small barony in a rather isolated region. He has a great love for stories and tales, which makes sure that wandering bards and adventurers often find refuge in his castle for a night or two in exchange for a good tale. The lord rarely cares if it is truth or just made up when it is a story meant for amusement, as long as he is not lied to about stuff of actual importance.

Still unmarried due to him being unable to find a wife with "the proper teeth of a Wulff", and the number of potential candidates he has decided not to court, some even from higher houses, have lead to several different rumors about his preferences. Some servants secretly claiming he would be more likely to marry an orc or a succubus than a human girl.

The Wulff rarely rides into war unless summoned by the Wolf or the emporer/empress. As their lord tends to prefer to try and handle all manners with diplomacy if possible to avoid wasting lives. But all men are expected to have shed blood by their sixteenth name-day, and so it is a tradition for young men in the barony to spend several years at least as mercenaries, before returning to raise families.
When they do ride for battle under their lord's banner they use his words:
"We hunt as one."

Level 12

27975 xp


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