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Dungeon Townscreen Vote

You chose: Faceless Memories

Winner: Faceless Memories

Collector's vote, Part 3

You chose: Lithographic Prints

Winner: Soundtrack

Collector's Edition Vote, Part 2

You chose: Deck of Tarot Cards

Winner: Deck of Tarot Cards

Sylvan Townscreen - Vote 2

You chose: Harmony in the moonlight

Winner: Harmony in the moonlight

Vote for the Dungeon Line-Up! Part 2

You chose: Malassa's Thousand Faces

Winner: Malassa's Thousand Faces

Sylvan Townscreen - Vote 1

You chose: The Tree Island

Winner: The Tree Island

Vote for the Collector's Edition Figurine!

You chose: The Strategist

Winner: The Strategist

Dungeon vs. Inferno

You chose: Dungeon

Winner: Dungeon

Vote for the Sylvan Line-Up!



Sylvan vs. Fortress

You chose: Sylvan

Winner: Sylvan