August 17, 2015 23:13:10

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SirJohnCarter The Chivalrous
July 09, 2015 20:06:26

Also, I really do not understand why I have to wait for MM Heroes VII to launch before I can gain access to Heroes III HD key?!? That game is already out on the market and I am NOT going to be interested in playing Heroes III HD when MM Heroes VII launches. That is really stupid Ubi! RELEASE THE CODE!!

SirJohnCarter The Chivalrous
July 09, 2015 20:01:27

I am really hoping this game will work with Intel integrated graphics (Lenovo Yoga Pro 2). MM Heroes VI just fine on it even in tablet mode and looks beautiful, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that MM Heroes VII will work on it since I just bought the laptop in December!

June 25, 2015 20:10:58

Kurde, ledwo kupiłam preorder a beta się skończyła....mogli ją zostawić dłużej, choćby po to żeby z nudów można było sobie pograć ;/

June 16, 2015 23:42:49

Hi it is maybe a stupid question but it is my First beta.
When the beta finishes i cant play it anymore until the Release? It would be nice to play the map from time to time.
If this is the case, when will the beta finish? I saw on uplay that it will finish tomorrow? I installed the game today and i have to work tomorrow....

v.o.r.t.3.x. The Destroyer
June 17, 2015 00:55:28

It's my understanding that when the Beta ends you will not be able to play anymore. That is why I opted not to join the Beta

June 17, 2015 20:04:36

Oh yes I came home from work today and I can not play it. Thats really a bad joke....
To the people from Ubisoft: Why do you don't let it longer? There are people who have to work....

June 17, 2015 20:04:56

In my case the problem was that I did not get the key directly from the seller, than I got it on sunday and on monday when I wanted to activate I got the message that the beta has not started yet. A little bit later I got an e-mail that the beta has started. Than I installed it yesterday after work and I had to update my GPU driver because I have a laptop with switchable graphics.

June 17, 2015 20:05:05

Until I had working everything it was late and than today there is marked on my uplay that I can not start it. I wanted to play it on saturday because than I would have time to test it....
I am really disappointed about this!!!

June 16, 2015 19:01:54

i can't get out from my castle one my character, i try everything
I guess it's a bug but it appears after the update

I build the thieves guild and i find the system more realistic and interesting
Buying a spy that can brings information but need some time(obvious because a spy can't teleport)

I really want that they allow us to record the beggining position of unit in the previous battle because it's really boring to do that each time

June 16, 2015 11:14:50

A couple of ideas to diversify the gameplay:
1) Give the opportunity to freely move around the map neutrals such as the robber (assassin) and Pirates (the sea).
2) I think this idea is worthy of Heroes Online Heroes and implementation 7.
At the siege of the castle in the defensive side of the machine there, "Thrower boilers" that inflicts damage on the region, very animates siege castles

Forestpan The Furious
June 16, 2015 10:32:54


KhanOfSlaughter The Conqueror
June 16, 2015 11:41:49


June 16, 2015 08:32:12

Dear developers, please test the game yourself on a standard 15.6-inch screen notebook. Currently playing on this screen in Heroes 7 is not very comfortable! Cumbersome interface and small objects on the map are forced to look closely before every action. Meanwhile, even in Heroes 6 will not have that problem on the same screen. Many players will play it on laptops ...

June 15, 2015 23:30:15

I love this game <3

June 15, 2015 20:09:33

We got to the second hand card to 4 players.


- Encroachment forts.
I did not like:

- Too small range of movement of the hero.

- Very long walks computer if it will remain the same on the map with 8 players can safely go to sleep.

- Fell the roll call of the dragon of light, called for without models and the game hanging.

- Do not like the doll protagonist.

June 15, 2015 20:09:45

Still do not like that, cheek r.k.m. Resources on the panel does not appear on the day of their gains.

I do not like that there was a window with a 3D model of the creatures which were in 5x heroes.

In general, stocks a lot more ... I think they would be better to postpone the release for a couple of months to complete all.

AlessandroXIII The Dark
June 15, 2015 18:07:48

Дамы и господа из ру коммьюнити, кто приобрел или собирается приобретать эксклюзивное/коллекционное издание и кому прилагающаяся колода карт как-то без надобности... Готов обсудить с вами вопрос о продаже колоды (коллекционирую карты, хотелось бы и эту деку в свой ящик ^^) Цена договорная, наложенный платеж, контакты в профиле. ;)

blackadderDAAN The Furious
June 15, 2015 17:49:38


From watching the devs play. I have heard that in the beta the AI plays at the same pace as an human player. This will be faster in the full game.

PPfeiffer The Treasure Hunter
June 15, 2015 17:28:34

AI moves take a bit to long for my understanding.
But for the beginning it is ok to play against single AI.
I am not sure if I get used to the design of the map. Especially in the underground it is sometimes tough to see if movement is possible or not.

blackadderDAAN The Furious
June 15, 2015 17:20:47

Good to see that the beta feedback has helped to reduce the number of bugs/issues with the game. Is there a chance that there will be another beta round. So we could see and test if the game has improved. And the game is in a state to be released in a couple of months time?

Could there be a delay with the release of HOMM7 if the game is not stable/solid enough in september. I wont mind waiting multiple months if the game will be better in the end.

I do have faith and appreciate your updates.

TimPoging2 The Guardian
June 15, 2015 15:35:05

Dear Ubi-all; Why am I not listed under "Faithfull" in my Achievements?
I have played all editions and add-ons from Heroes 1 including HoMM6 and add-ons with Sandro, Greg Hack and the nice Dark Elves underworld campaign?

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