Mirash_ge The Dragon
March 26, 2015 19:11:12

Не прошло и года ...)) Наконец-то Крыса_гарик 256 в бан улетит !!))

EnergyW The Hack
March 26, 2015 19:06:48

But won't the trolls and people with fake accounts be able to circumvent or abuse this feature?

RRick_CZ The Triumphant
March 26, 2015 19:09:23

I think (hope?) the moderators will be able to see who reported the post. If he will troll he will get banned }:>

Marblethrone The Chivalrous
March 26, 2015 19:11:23

If a post is reported, I bet a moderator will look into that and judge if it is indeed report-worthy.

This feature may be abused by people who don't agree to other people's opinions or points of view, by trolls, by madmen, by whatever. We'll see where this goes.

sgsc22 The Dark
March 26, 2015 19:05:15

сделайте уведомление о том.что на твой комментарий ответили-а то люди пишут,а ты не знаешь об этом ничего))а вот ваша идея с жалобами -это не очень.вы хотите что бы работу модераторов делал кто то другой??
give notice that on your comment, and said some people write, but you do not know anything about it)) but your idea is the complaints not you want that job moderators did someone else ??

Marblethrone The Chivalrous
March 26, 2015 19:10:18

And now in proper English, please.

sgsc22 The Dark
March 27, 2015 09:38:01

для вас и так сойдет)попробуйте написать по русски -хоть что -нибудь))

March 26, 2015 18:41:56

Edit button, pls. I do typos every time.

March 26, 2015 18:26:58

Oh shit, Galaad run!

Najakir The Kreegan
March 26, 2015 18:33:23

Only one thing to answer : XD

Zatrakus95 The Chivalrous
March 26, 2015 18:39:06

The Age of Haters will fade and only reason will remain (sorry I had to make this Dark souls reference).
Back to the topic you too should clean up your tounge, also- does he really keep on insulting devs even after Paris event and meeting these people?! Somebody has some serious problems here I can tell you that (suprisingly not only me).

rodaff The Dark
March 26, 2015 19:38:36

There's a difference between insulting and criticising, most people here simply express thier opinion.
Also if we can't express our concerns and opinions then what's the point of this blog?

Athaca_Greezly The Dark
March 26, 2015 18:16:01


Wolfflly The Dark
April 03, 2015 05:37:37

Нужна кнопка Редактировать запись и возможность удаления записи в течении например минуты, двух. Согласен с предыдущими комментариями.

IkarLord The Mysterious
April 02, 2015 08:16:06

Писали уже ниже, серьезно нужен редактор своих комментариев, просто так скажем бывает такие "Очепятки" ну и люди неправильно понимают, а потом оправдываешься...

Kytronix The Faithful
March 31, 2015 18:41:31

Some good website features!
Would also be great to have the option to reply to a reply.

March 31, 2015 11:02:16

Когда выдет игра?

March 31, 2015 09:31:04

Солидарен с RFSmart, нужен редактор своих комментов!

Marblethrone The Chivalrous
March 31, 2015 08:28:56

New update, new features :). Some comments on that:

- We can actually report someone's profile page/biography? At least, if I go to mine I see that little white flag in the top right corner.

- Still no 'Faithful' achievement? :(

- Linking works great! Apparently each post has its own identity to make that possible so...why not do this in the Timeline as well, so we can immediately find our own comments and those who responded to it? Saves us a lot of scrolling :3.....

Thanks, devs!

Ayrelidian The Guardian
March 31, 2015 08:07:54

Эт правильно. Только, присоединяясь к предыдущим, добавьте редактирование ишшо.

March 30, 2015 13:44:00

Прошу добавьте пожалуйста редактирование сообщений, а то никак исправить или добавить что-то нельзя, не написав нового комментария.

March 30, 2015 00:53:49

Man, are you such a hypocrite? or maybe you got incredibly short memory or mental disorder? YOU saying about comments restriction, wiser comments (HA!)? YOU who brought spamming into next level - spamming plus ridiculous hashtagging?YOU with your Ervin obsession?
You write about best feedback and yet few min after! you post (funny?) "thunder-duck-spider-elf, female!"
C'mon man, put yourself together!

Fire__Ripper The Mad
March 29, 2015 22:35:07

Good news

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