Jalandha The Guardian
March 30, 2015 04:28:01

Hope there are more choices. I too wish this game will be more like HoMM3 ondrabos.

Fire__Ripper The Mad
March 29, 2015 22:48:56

Скучноватые какие-то специализации

ondrabos The Magnificient
March 29, 2015 22:03:47

Welcome back Edric. I hope there will be more HoMM 3 heroes

GarionRahl The Magical
March 29, 2015 19:05:01

Dans l'ensemble, les biographies sont sympa. Par contre, le portrait de KRYZSTOFF ne me fait absolument pas penser à un membre du clergé du dragon de la Lumière. Comme quoi, il ne faut pas se fier à la première impression 😀

March 29, 2015 17:11:45

КРЫШТОФ - серьезный дядька. Только по внешности ему надо быть рубакой. Паладином например. А не колдуном. В этом смысле ТАЙРИС не тянет на паладина.
И еще мне кажется что ТАЙРИС - это ИМОРИЛ в молодости.
А Эдрик какой-то косой получился - один глаз выше другого.

March 29, 2015 13:46:43

KRYZSTOFF... Land between Wolf and Griffin Duchies. Indeed like a land between Germany and fomer SU.

KRYZSTOFF is polish. :) So many intersection with real geographic... I not like that!

March 29, 2015 13:40:31

Мда... Крыштов...

Lera_5555 The Magical
March 29, 2015 13:41:43

Очень "хороший" перевод... Сразу видно, что переводчики в команде так себе

RoksanS The Dark
March 29, 2015 08:54:34

Туууууриииис, ждем тебя^^ а еще дайте --- Каитлин ^^

March 29, 2015 03:49:07

its not a balance issue in my opinion. you can decide if you level one hero one from for example 65 to 66 or several heroes to level xx. its usually not even efficient to level a hero that high, so why should it be forbidden?
excuse my poor english

March 29, 2015 03:48:07

In MMH the games usually don't last that long and the fights get bigger and bigger so why would i reach a level cap in a short time? I loved to play huge and hard maps for ages to reach level 48+ or something (don't remember) i had to slay xx thousands of creatures to get to the next level but as a reward my hero got really strong and made me able to stand against the grown masses of enemies. in heroes 6 maxlevel was WAY to soon and WAY to low.

Nubbocrates The Magnificient
March 29, 2015 10:34:31

I agree. Its demoralising to take experience from chests and hunt down monsters for experience just to be caped half way through the map. Its a difficult design issue to get right but a cap is a really clunky solution.

March 29, 2015 03:46:36

The user CHIASA wrote so many good comments...
I hope they get recognized by the developers.

A level cap is the worst thing for me. i wish it won't last to the final game. i don't see a reason for it. there are games (for example good old diablo 2) where it takes like 1000++ hours of constant and efficient gaming on one character to reach maxlevel. At this state from high level to max level the amount of monster kills/time doesn't even grow. In MMH7 the monsters kills each fight will grow 4sure

DmitriyNetsevW The Faithful
March 28, 2015 21:51:37

"Тайрис" для меня она всегда будет Турис. Ладно с этой жертвой родителей приколистов Крыштофом.

ssidelev The Mysterious
March 28, 2015 21:10:23

Что в описании Эдрика заинтересовало...
"Специализация: Укротитель зверей (Увеличивает производство Волков или Грифонов на X/нед. в зоне контроля)"

То есть до сих пор не исключена возможность возвращения грифонов вместо волков?? )))

DmitriyNetsevW The Faithful
March 28, 2015 21:48:39

Скорее тут та суть, что действует на внешние жилища.

Jamilex The Treasure Hunter
March 28, 2015 20:03:25

Glad to here there will be more variety on the Heroes specilizations - those listed above are simply a spin off of the same ability: increased creature production. I would like to see: Ballista (control of archer towers during siege) , Leadership (improved army moral for additional attack), Offense, Logistics, Tactics; these were good!

Quetzatoul The Kreegan
March 29, 2015 10:44:34

And fun.

islamkool The Mysterious
March 28, 2015 15:54:05

Жаль что не будет Инферно (((

islamkool The Mysterious
March 28, 2015 15:54:00

Жаль что не будет Инферно (((

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