October 14, 2014 19:01:54

I think UBI won't let us down. What about one more faction on release? Fortress versus Inferno?

October 14, 2014 13:50:05

ну че? кого Иванушке в совет берем? Кощей Бессмертный? Змей Горыныч?

Mirash_ge The Dragon
October 14, 2014 14:14:36

Хорошо б Горыныч как то роднее он !

October 13, 2014 23:43:16

Vote for Sucubus!

KillerPancake22 The Magical
October 14, 2014 12:35:19

Maybe when you spell it right...

wasd1200 The Wanderer
October 16, 2014 15:56:39

LOL you 2 made my day :D

v1adimirm The Dark
October 13, 2014 13:34:35

Dungeon... Inferno... It really doesn't matter as soon as the game comes out with the minimum bugs and flaws and we enjoy its graphics, dynamics and story...

October 12, 2014 21:47:02

Pls all use brain, next elves and dragon? Really? Why same units?...we need diferent units...pls vote INFERNO!

look at units from Stronghold, next dragon...a lots of dragon in game...so why not now change and choose another and new champion


Zabanov The Mysterious
October 14, 2014 17:58:50

quite whining, like a child, all your posts are just filled with meaningless complaints. And for the love of god learn how to write like normal person, I almost need an enigma to decypher your posts.
quit getting mad because you didnt get what you wanted. You are not giving any constructive feedback/citicism.

As for the choices at hand I liked inferno since they where introduced in Homm3 but my vote goes for Dungeon (Black dragons!). But I wouldnt mind if inferno would win.

TillZ0ckt The Magnificient
October 16, 2014 20:22:47


October 12, 2014 20:35:52

Dear Developers from UBISOFT please listen to my ideas:
-make in Heroes 7 3D Castles like u made them in Heroes 5, this was one of the best and the most beautiful things in whole Heroes Saga, I was spending much time in Castles just to enjoy the views of this beautiful places
-add the rest sub-factions to all main factions PLEASE ! not now but in some expansion or just in DLC, all fans would be happy to see their sub-factions in H7,that lost the vote here,
especially fans of Sylvan castle..

October 12, 2014 20:36:04

I know that You can make 3 sub-factions to all main factions, we, fans can help You in this project and we will help. Make this game with sub-factions like it was in Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath ! :) If You make in this Heroes all main factions we could have then not 9 factions but 27 factions !
-make extra larga maps in heroes 7! :) like in heroes 3, i was always loving extra larga mpas, with many creatures to kill, castles, mines and other things :)

Who agree with me give the "Up Vote" !!

October 12, 2014 20:36:22

I was also always dreaming of 8 units to have in the army and to recruit them in castle instead of 7 units ;/ I thought Heroes will finally bring this to live, but I sadly heard that we will have to choose between 2 champions units ;/ So Dear Developers I beg You put the 8 units in the all factions that we could have in one army and one castle to recruit, this would be one of the best things in Heroes Saga, like 3D Castles in Heroes 5.
I beg You Developers make this real !

TillZ0ckt The Magnificient
October 16, 2014 20:25:52

Best idea!! pls ubisoft

EnergyW The Hack
October 19, 2014 02:11:06

Well, the 3D was scrapped, due to "budget limits". And I keep hearing some just don't like that idea.

As for 8 troops, that seems quite too much. After all, that would mean the battle field would have to be expanded more than it is.

October 12, 2014 16:01:31

Vote Inferno!!!!

Why next elves in game omg? We have Sylvan, why Dungeon?!!! next champion is dragon, it is dragon game or what?!!!
Not, it is HEROES!!! We need Inferno with deamons and devil...INFERNO PLS!!! Not next eleves in game...If Dungeon game, it will not Heroes, it will Elves game..

Inferno pls all!

zenbyzen The Mysterious
October 12, 2014 19:18:29

because sylvan vs dungeon would be epic battle

October 12, 2014 21:26:53

what is epic? Elves vs Elves?...nice...same units, same champion...great...

October 12, 2014 00:58:17

I don't get it... Why do you all want those gay, cowardly emos instead of powerful beings of chaos?

GalaadleHaut The Hero
October 12, 2014 01:07:19

I agree Dark Elves is a terrible idea, but faction still has its chance for mythology, while Inferno became too much with the blobs and worms things, that I don't like at all.

Gnildryw The Treasure Hunter
October 11, 2014 22:53:23

Haha, brilliant little detour of the narative with Brother Kaspar's slight "incident" ;)

October 11, 2014 19:43:50


October 11, 2014 17:48:33

Go Inferno! GO GO GO !!!

October 11, 2014 03:16:54

"The beauty of a world is defined by its diversity and its freedom of expression. I have great confidence that just as the wheel turns, if we maintain our confidence in the calculated judgement of our people (Devs and their dialogue with us) then they shall lead us to a state of glorious perfection. Our races have endured far worse than out current predicament. The shadow council shall endure this trial just as the world has survived the Armageddon's blade." Ubi make stunning games have faith.

October 10, 2014 18:42:00

Kobaltmaster: "Sadly I see brewing tension in the Shadow Council. Seems that the war in the Empire is finding its way amongst us as well ' brothers fighting against brothers' as Ivan said. In the end we will have all factions through dlcs and if not, the devs would fail to understand that we want as many factions as we can get because it ads layers upon layers of diversity to the game and its lore.(and that would be just sad)"

I TOTES agree, especially after reading the comments below you! :-(

Kobaltmaster The Guardian
October 10, 2014 23:42:08

Thank you, it is indeed sad to see some fans throw smack at one another like bickering children, on a site/forum made for sharing constructive opinions on what and why. Arguments fellow caouncilmen, please!

SlumbrousShip5 The Furious
October 10, 2014 17:01:46

im going to hate fighting some of the dungeon units on the adventure map. That stealth bullshit is so annoying. Fighting assassins is just an automatic loss of units and now we're probably going to get an elite unit that does the same shit.
Why is invisibility an element to this game anyway....
This used to be a unique strategy game....

October 10, 2014 15:50:07

Gimme some big bad armored charging demon guy with martial weaponry. Pleaaaase!

October 10, 2014 15:38:56

For Dungeon!

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