September 24, 2014 05:11:15

С одной стороны правильно делают. А с другой, возникает вопрос - почему только сейчас? Возникают сомнения в осмысленности голосования как такового. Ведь сейчас разработчики спокойно могут выбрать тот вариант, который их больше устраивает не взирая на результаты текущего голосования. У людей возникает иллюзия причастности к разработке, которой на самом деле может и не быть. Помнится нивал в этом плане не проводил голосования, но реально учитывал предложения на форуме.

HeroVolt The Chivalrous
September 24, 2014 10:37:27

Да, это заговор )

September 24, 2014 16:57:18

Не заговор, но рекламная кампания. Просто уж очень серьезно относиться к этим голосованиям не стоит-все равно разработчики сделают так как сочтут нужным. Сам факт выбора из трех зол в голосовании линеек эльфов уже намекает:)

September 24, 2014 01:42:31

Капча, 1 голос с 1 IP, это все здорово, а как насчет того чтобы сделать нормальную активацию аккаунта с почтового ящика?
Captcha , 1 vote from 1 IP, it's all great, but how about to make a normal activation of the account with the e-mail?

September 23, 2014 21:04:39


Props to the team for solving this problem.

Remember guys, now that they will remove the cheaters, don't take that Fury percentage as serious as it was the result of obvious cheating (+14% on the span of a single day when almost all votes were already given...), so we can still push for Balance to win this even if the numbers mislead us!!

Join the push for Balance, the best strategy of all options! :D

September 23, 2014 21:06:50

Don't accuse X line up for cheating please... ¬¬

Probably all 3 had done it.

September 23, 2014 21:19:18

@lucassvc probably all 3 did it, but the most flagrant one is that "X" that I said. Really, just a few days before the end date, when most votes are already given and you need a huge lot of them for a 1% difference, getting a +14% advantage? There is no way to defend that, so even if all did, this guys did it like crazy.

September 23, 2014 21:25:41

How can you be sure of that? Maybe people liked this "X" more than you think. Or maybe not. In other words, it's speculation and you won't accomplish much saying that, it will just bring the flame wars back. :(

September 23, 2014 21:28:30

Honestly if people keep talking like that I want fury to win now I was going to vote for balance or strength but I am sticking with fury if you are talking that way then. There was cheating on all three sides fury got the "Push" when the voting pretty much came out we will have to wait and see what the results are.

September 24, 2014 01:31:10

@ lucassvc : well it would be kinda silly to cheat on the large scale (to the extent of automatic robot voting - due to which captchas need to be introduced) and still loose in the voting. I would say the current winner faction was cheating most as it would have no sense to cheat and still loose. If the cheating was on the level that someone created two accounts pff ... but most likely it was more severe than that if ubi is so serious about it.

Milets The Guardian
September 24, 2014 19:12:28

logical.dust, not necessarily. Fury got a boost on the early days of vote, probably because more people startet to vote. The second boost came after the release of art work for the phoenix and bladedancer, wich could be the reason for this second boost. Many people liked the badass bladedancer style, and many didn't liked the phoenix. Any way. this is all speculation. Maybe all sides cheated, we can't acuse one side of cheating more than another. If you ask me, this whole voting think stinks...

September 23, 2014 19:45:43

Thanks for caring, LIMBIC ENTERTAINMENT! :)

A healthier voting process eliminating such immature cheating shenanigans was really needed for a more satisfied player-base and ultimately a better Might & Magic: Heroes VII for everyone to enjoy. Thanks!

red13107 The Chivalrous
September 23, 2014 19:44:19

Thank Limbic and good job !! :)

September 23, 2014 19:01:36

Thank you.
But I have a floating ip-address. There is a possibility of receiving the address from which already voted.

September 24, 2014 01:49:50

That's right, these measures are not enough to prevent fake accounts

unico_caballero The Guardian
September 23, 2014 18:33:23

Unicorns !!

Minastir The Guardian
September 23, 2014 18:32:07

Thank You so much MMH7 Team !!
Dziękujemy ;)

Stormhelico The Mysterious
September 23, 2014 18:18:00

Excellent news!

yjesus45 The Magnificient
September 23, 2014 18:15:05

That's no surprise obviously. Good to know that the devs are listening and acting on the subject. Good job!

September 23, 2014 18:13:43

Great news!

September 29, 2014 00:22:38

Fury? Belongs to the Dungeon faction, surely -> Blood Fury etc.

From dictionary: Fury noun \ˈfyu̇r-ē\ : violent anger : wild and dangerous force
1 : Intense, disordered and often destructive rage.

Wasn't "Fury" the alternative with the unicorns and deers? I think the word they're looking for is "Furry"???

From dictionary: Furry adjective \ˈfər-ē\- Covered with fur, covered with something that looks or feels like fur, resembling fur

Sylv4n2005 The Destroyer
September 29, 2014 00:51:05

Yup, something like Malassa's Fury or Tuidhana's Fury would've worked much better, and fit Dungeon. I hope when they introduce Dungeon they will bring back the Blood Furies. And maybe the Shadow Matriarchs, too. Make them a bit like the Fate Weavers, which is how they should've been done from the outset.

September 29, 2014 02:13:07

Sylv4n2005: Totally agree, Blood Furies, Shadow Matriarchs and Black Dragons are the spine of Dungeon.

Everybody: Consider my first post as friendly banter from Sylvan's arch-rivals: Dungeon.

September 29, 2014 09:00:09

stalker and faceless should be sacrificed for Blood Fury and Shadow Matriarch. Making a full line up with assasin, beholder/shadow lurker/medusa, minotaur, manticore, and of course black dragon

Royami-kun The Faithful
September 29, 2014 15:38:07

How clever... but wait, balance isn't balanced at all and strength are just a pop word. Are you running out of arguments? Fury is perfect line-up. This means that if you try to invade elven land, you will receive such resistance which you've never seen.

September 30, 2014 08:28:47

No you wont, the elves are not orcs, they are elves.
you wont see anything, because you will be died before even knowing what hit you.
GO balance.

September 26, 2014 10:28:23

Check the FORTRESS VS SYLVAN first before this, maybe the FORTRESS had won the first round, if you want to make sure you give us what we want than do it please. I play this game from MMH2 and Fortress/dwarfs in MMH5 was one of the best for me and many other players feel that way too. So please check it who had really won, if it was Fortress I will be very happy if it really was Sylvan I will respect that.

September 26, 2014 10:32:45

And i know for 100% there were fake votes, my friend voted 3 times for sylvan with fake accounts when i was with him (was hoping he will vote for Fortress). But i was hoping you had done something to prevent fake votes.

September 26, 2014 11:09:50

Между любителями Гномов и Эльфов - пропасть , эльфы всегда больше были фанатскими любимчиками . Так что пересматривать голосование не имеет смысла , все равно проценты будут примерно такими же )

September 26, 2014 11:27:15

It shall be mentioned that we didn’t detect such irregularities during the first vote (Fortress vs Sylvan).

Signed, Limbic Entertainment.

Read before posting, please ;)

September 26, 2014 11:52:50

if to choose between gnomes and elves, I think that always the majority will give vote for elves...

September 26, 2014 12:38:44

adriancat11 that is the easy way to say it is too late for us to cancel this voting because we allready did the following voting.

wqus if it would be a pround elven nation i wont mind but seeing there unicorn,fairy,sprite, phoenix or some other creatures that i dont think should be in sylvan i prefer dwarfs that had all units dwarfs except the dragon, but sylvan have dragons too.

September 26, 2014 15:58:17

The thing is this game is not all about your preferences. For me the phoenix in sylvan was by far the worst option. If you care a little about game's lore and story, you'll understand why.

September 26, 2014 16:03:38

@demonkil ops misread.

Dwarfurious The Furious
September 26, 2014 17:14:05

@wqus especially if the voters are as ignorant as you.

September 26, 2014 18:26:09

don't that there were that many fake account in that vote, because rember that it was 33-34 vs 66-67 % the hole time. wile in this vote fury went from 10% under strength and to 10% over balance in the middle of the vote.

and if you look at the amount of comment on blogs about Fortress vs sylvan and blogs about sylvan line op it does look like more people care about sylvan line op then Fortress vs sylvan.

September 26, 2014 08:46:19

Ждем с нетерпением!

September 25, 2014 23:55:28

Please don't be fury, please don't be fury.....

I would have preferred the voting to have been based on individual units, give four core units, four elite units and three champion units and the top 3 win for core and elite and top 2 for champion. That would have been the best way to do it.

And the other comment I have is to hide the votes until all voting is done and then reveal the final tally but still allow last minute changes if a person wants to change their vote.

EnergyW The Hack
September 26, 2014 00:41:13

And it is fury. Oh well, no snakes nor horned horses.

cxn7 The Dark
September 26, 2014 01:37:19

Great idea, I think most of the Fury voters, myself included, didn't choose Balance for the sole reason of not wanting to see Phoenix as an "elven". Even i think the deer kind of suck :P

September 26, 2014 07:59:46

and again moaning... yes how many it is possible! gather rags! wait for a vote result!

rsurdal The Kreegan
September 25, 2014 21:05:12

It's sad it had to come to this. That we couldn't act like adults, and play fair. Iam glad you made the decision to give us more time to vote, and remove fake accounts. However, I would do a restart on the vote as well. That way you know the voting is fair, and that you removed all fake votes.

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