LordGraa The Treasure Hunter
July 03, 2015 15:24:21

No Heroes game is complete without their music. All hail to the King (and Romero ofc) :)

May 20, 2015 04:02:56

You can find any song lyrics for you at my site: <a href ='http://www.songlyricsfinder.info'>songlyricsfinder.info</a>

April 18, 2015 03:51:19

Its just absolutely amazing you make this music. Best developers on the team

LightAvatarX The Untouchable
April 18, 2015 03:02:12

First of all,ouaou a big,big article.I am a greek and I really like that the main music of Heroes VII will be greek.I have already translated the present songs but I want more.My favourite music of all heores games is from Heroes VII.I love this style of music with opera.For me the best song u have made is Mysto's mountain of Heroes VII Necropolis.I <3 and the song but and the lyrics and what they say.Keep calm and make us happy!Thank u very much for ur interviews.

Σας ευχαρισούμε,πολλή αγάπη!

GarionRahl The Magical
April 06, 2015 21:20:06

Merveilleux compositeurs ! Très beau travail réalisé pour ce nouveau jeu !

xSOVELIASx The Magical
February 14, 2015 14:15:26

I can not wait :D

November 11, 2014 20:30:38

i hope you can told us for the date of the concert o/

LightAvatarX The Untouchable
October 07, 2014 20:30:42

My favourite songs are the sylvan and the haven town theme in h5.

October 04, 2014 13:54:49

My all time favourite is the H4 Sea theme! If Im right in heroes 4 the castle themes was whith aria sing, Please Dont Do It Again!!! Only instrumental please whitout singing! The instrumental keeps much longer interesting, and joyable if there is aria it's getting faster boring and disturbing. But this is my opinion! Or made it eligible in the options, with or without aria!!! Than Everyone can enjoy the tracks! Please it is worth considering! Love your work!

v1adimirm The Dark
October 03, 2014 07:43:54

Anticipating the game!

September 17, 2014 11:57:31

ah thats awesome that the music is being turned to a piano concerto! I myself am trying to do heroes 3 on piano, very fun haha. Should definitely have a recording of that performance on youtube, i wish i was in Poland to see that! All the best and also so excited for the music of heroes 7, sounds great so far, love the music so much!

September 17, 2014 01:49:44

I will buy the game for the soundtrack alone, always when Rob and Paul makes the music. Great to see Karin Mushegain is back to sing for us once again, now I just wanna see Grant Youngblood (male singer from HeroesII) back and/or Dean Elzinga. (male singer from HeroesIV) Ive heard rumors of Paul not working on the hereos games anymore and im so glad it was just false rumors and I hope you make all the music in Heroes VI (unlike heroes VI where it was mainly the towns)

September 16, 2014 23:42:52

I'm just hoping the game will make justice to the music..

September 10, 2014 18:40:11

there's going to be such awesome concert in Poland? I need to be there!

Crush.21 The Destroyer
September 09, 2014 06:20:05

Почему PAUL при тусклом свете вылетый чернокожий?

September 08, 2014 22:05:04

FINALY!!!!! I had a secret hope of seeing this anouncement, at it finaly happened!!!: DD

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