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Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Key Art
Hello Heroes,

Whether you are a seasoned fan or a newcomer in the universe of Might & Magic®, we would like to take the time to welcome you again on Might & Magic® Heroes VII’s Shadow Council website!

You might have already seen the other articles focusing on the Shadow Council functioning or the first vote to decide the next faction for the game (Sylvan vs. Fortress). Through this website, our core objective is to share our passion for Might & Magic® Heroes VII with you all!

Along the following months we will unveil numerous content and insights about the development of this title. But before we venture into the future, let’s go back to the beginning in order to introduce (or reintroduce) the Might & Magic® Franchise and the Might & Magic® Heroes series.

What is Might & Magic®?

Former Might & Magic® Logo Created in 1986 by Jon Van Caneghem & New World Computing, Might & Magic® started as a first-person RPG with its very first episode, “Secret of the Inner Sanctum”. This original game quickly became one of the historical pillars of the genre. Generations of gamers explored the lands of Varn, Terra, Xeen and more amazing worlds (the latest of which is called Ashan and serves as the setting of all of Ubisoft’s Might & Magic® games) to live epic adventure with their teams of fearless raiders and adventurers. But soon, role-players weren’t the only ones to spend hours on Might & Magic® games anymore…

The depth of its fantasy setting & the consistency of its universe permitted, with complementary and exciting different gameplays, to offer unique experiences for all tastes. One of them particularly stood out in the heart of gamers: the Might and Magic® Heroes saga.

Former Might & Magic® Titles
Might and Magic® Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum (1986) - Heroes of Might and Magic®©: A Strategic Quest (1995)

What is a Might & Magic® Heroes game?

Might & Magic® Heroes is a turn based strategy game, combining resource and town management with exciting RPG elements, to offer a unique and addictive formula.
Different factions are taking part to the battle through exciting campaigns or skirmish scenarios. Alone or with friends, you become the Hero!
  • You are a strategist, leading your armies to war in order to conquer uncharted lands or enemy territories.
  • You are an economist; you know the importance of gold and the necessity for resources to develop your empire.
  • You also are a tactician, giving orders to your units during turn based battles where brains can surpass brawn.
  • Last but not least: you command Heroes. Heroes are your generals, leading your armies on the field, earning experience to develop their skills and spells, and wielding magical artefacts of immense power.

What about Might & Magic® Heroes VII?

Might & Magic® Heroes VII is all of this, and more!

20 years after the original Might & Magic® Heroes game spellbound gamers across the globe, Might & Magic® Heroes VII not only pays tribute to the famous turn based strategy series, but also builds upon its best features while adding improvements and innovations.

Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Screenshot 1 Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Screenshot 2

You will soon discover more information about the seventh chapter of this saga and also be able to actively influence its development through this website, and especially its vote feature.

On the day of its release, Might & Magic® Heroes VII will offer 6 factions, 2 to be voted by the community. The first vote is already open, check it out!

Why are faction votes so important for the game?

Factions are, in a few words, the armies you will be able to command, all of them having a distinct gameplay, setting and unique creatures. Choosing a faction truly is choosing the experience you want to have in Might & Magic® Heroes VII.

Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Vote Now
Stay tuned on this platform to learn more about each of them! It is your responsibility to complete the chairs of the greatest council of Ashan…

Might & Magic® Heroes VII storyline

Might & Magic® Heroes VII tells the story of young Duke Ivan striving to restore peace in a time of civil torment.

Facing political decisions with dire consequences in his ascension to the Imperial throne, he gathers 6 councilors from 6 distinct factions to support his claim to rule. These advisors tell him glorious stories of legendary heroes from the world of Ashan’s past, so that he may choose the surest path to power and forge his own destiny.

Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Ivan's Council
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