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Hello Heroes,

Today is a new big milestone for the Shadow council! In addition to a new Faction Vote featuring the renegades from Ygg-Chall (Dungeon) & the enemies of all Creation (Inferno) plus the Ivan figurine vote, we are glad to introduce new content & features on this platform. 

Haven page update

First of all, following the complete reveal of the faction by Kaspar in the previous weeks, we updated the Haven page with all creatures and war machines. Each of them now has a dedicated page with multiple nice information and goodies to discover. Let’s check this out!

When selecting a unit, you will be able to discover for both classical & upgraded:

  • Description & first ingame render
  • Official key art
  • & Skills

Play the game of the Shadow Council

As mentioned in the early days of this website, we decided to reward your investment into this website with the implementation of a level system and achievements. Today, we are happy to launch the first step of this process with the launch of your new “my account” page.

Next time you will connect with your uPlay account, you will be proposed to customize your avatar with some great avatars we picked from previous Ashan games. We will update this listing on a regular basis and propose for some special events limited avatars to pick so stay tuned!

At any time, you can check a profile by clicking on the avatar or the nickname (yours or from one of your fellow councillors).

The first part of this page will allow you to update your Shadow Council biography and change your avatar. Experience progress features will be unlocked afterwards with all achievements, don’t worry all of those ones will be retro-active so it will take into account all your actions since day one.

We hope those updates will permit you to have a better visibility of what we are trying to achieve with the game and this platform. Do not hesitate to give your feedbacks in the comment section and unleash your awesomeness in your profile!

The M&M team.
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