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Necromancers are a split-order of the Wizards. They worship one of the aspects of Asha, which they call the Spider Goddess. The Necromancers’ interpretation of Asha’s will emphasizes death alone and exalting the state of un-life which the Necromancers seek to attain.

Necromancers study death-magic to become eternal. They can control the spirits of the deceased or raise the dead form their graves. High-ranking Necromancers become Vampires: eternally young, beautiful and powerful, but as cold and insensitive as alabaster statues.

Since its introduction in Heroes II, the Necropolis has been one of the most popular factions of the Might & Magic universe. They are of course back in Heroes VII!

Before unveiling the first creatures of the Necropolis line-up, we’d like to take a few moments to discuss something you’ll quickly notice: several creatures of the Heroes VII Necropolis are very similar to their Heroes VI counterparts. There are several reasons for this:
  1. Here at Might & Magic HQ, we’re very fond of the H6 Necropolis, and we feel they are one of the best factions of that game in terms of art direction. So we didn’t want to recreate it from scratch
  2. Necropolis is the timeless, undying faction. If one faction should remain very similar, art-wise, from one game to the next, it’s the Undead.
  3. The H6 models were already very detailed, so there was no point in doing new models for essentially the same designs.
Now that being said, there have been a few changes nonetheless. Some models have received some small tweaks, several textures have been reworked, and there are new animations as well.

And of course, the gameplay is a bit different as well. The H7 Necropolis won’t play the same way the H6 Necropolis did – in fact, if you’re an old-time fan of the faction, you’ll be delighted to know the Necromancy skill again works in a similar fashion as the pre-H6 games (after a battle, fallen enemies join your army as Undead creatures). But we’ll tell you more about it in a future update ;)

You can also rest in peace: there will be some surprises in the line-up.

For a change, you will discover these creatures directly in the game’s engine. But don’t worry, Necro fans, we’ll have some cool artworks to share with you later.

After all, don’t forget the Necromancers’ motto: Asha uses all!


Kaspar’s comment: “Used for labour and war by the Necromancers, skeletons are nonetheless rather fragile bodies and cannot withstand much damage.”


Kaspar’s comment: “Skeleton Hoplites are not afraid of death. After all they have long since stared it in the face!”


Kaspar’s comment: “Necromancers recruit and employ Soul Hunters who scour the surface of Ashan seeking these lost souls. Soul Hunters themselves cannot control these ghosts; their role is to subdue and chain them using guardian glyphs, psychic cages, sometimes even magical chains.”


Kaspar’s comment: “Obtained through long and difficult rituals, Banshee Tears become virulent poisons in the hands of Necromancers. The despair of a Banshee dissolved in a glass of wine will kill a king more surely than a sword or dagger.”


Kaspar’s comment: “Here’s one aspect of House Eterna I was never too fond of. Despite all my respect for Asha in her Spider Goddess aspect, I must confess arthropods make my skin crawl…”


Kaspar’s comment: “Some scholars in Nar-Heresh have been studying Death Spiders for decades and believe these creatures have been blessed by the Spider Goddess and are actually slowly transforming into full-fledged Namtarus. They however claim we’ll have to wait a few more centuries before we can verify this theory...”

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Ubi-Nox  The Shadow Of Death January 23, 2015 17:51:50

Update: Non-upgrade renders now available to keep consistency with Elites & Champions reveal.

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