Sylvan vs. Fortress: Stand Proud! 08/22/2014 | 175 comments

Hello Councilors,

It has been already one week since the beginning of the faction vote. Supporters from the two camps are fighting to defend their interests and influence the destiny of the Ivan's Council, but it seems that for now, Sylvans are taking the lead.

Stand Proud!
Can Fortress really let them win this easily without fighting? The proud Dwarves from Grimhein must use their unique ferocity to turn the situation round!

It is time for you councilors to fight for your favorite faction and prove its supremacy!

Whether you are with Sylvan or Fortress, stand up and spread the word. Tell the world that your faction is the one that deserves to join Ivan's table!


Share now your best creations

Unleash your creativity and be the change!
  • Candidate interview (e.g.: Video, text interview etc.)
  • Fanart (e.g.: favorite creature, councilor etc.)
  • Fanfic (e.g.: Sylvan or Fortress at Ivan's table)
  • Music (e.g.: Faction anthem) 
  • Cosplay (e.g.: Creature or councilor)
  • & more! (Sewing, smithy, choreography, web page…)
(Non-exhaustive list) 

The Campaign
Some fans already started a webseries based on this election campaign, stay tuned for more information!

Concerning format:
  • Video (Youtube link)
  • Music (Youtube or Soundcloud link)
  • Art (Picture sharer platform or attached file etc.)
Art 1 Art 2

Make others change their minds!

The team will share your creations along the remaining weeks to give you the opportunity to make other councilors change their minds and finally give your faction the visibility it deserves!

The war isn’t over yet and you will still be able to change your vote until the very end.

How to?

You can share your best creations in the comments, on our official Tumblr and via the email provided in the following picture (please include your Uplay username in the message :))

Do not hesitate to share your creations on all channels! 


Sylvan vs. Fortress, it is your call! Good luck councilors!

Sylvan vs. Fortress

Status: Closed

you choose




you choose




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