Line-up Vote, Important Information 09/23/2014 | 203 comments

Dear councillors,

As some of you noticed and reported, some of our fellow councillors had ill-intentioned thoughts during our current vote for the Sylvan Line-Up.

We indeed discovered that a small minority of players used exploits and fake accounts to influence the outcome of this vote, voting in mass for their favoured option(s). We have been looking for ways to counter these practices all along, but we chose to not communicate publicly about it until we were 100% sure who was cheating and how.

We now have a reliable way to detect and delete multi-accounts and we’ll proceed to remove the fake votes from the total.

In order to offer a reliable vote result, we decided to provide the official results only on September 30th. This additional time will allow us to remove all irregular ballots after the end of the vote.
In the meantime, we have devised a new way to protect and secure our votes that will be implemented with the next poll.

Indeed, we know that anti-cheating measures can be a burden for users but after the feedback we received from the community, we had no choice but to implement them. Starting next vote, all users will be required to enter a captcha for each vote and only one vote per IP will be allowed. We know that there is no way we can provide a 100% safe system but we at least want to do our best to limit the risks as much as possible.

It shall be mentioned that we didn’t detect such irregularities during the first vote (Fortress vs Sylvan).
Our intention is to give you ALL equally the possibility to have a real impact on the game’s development, and while we are thrilled to see you so involved we would like to remind you it’s important to respect one another's choices. Remember we all have one thing in common, our love for the Might & Magic Heroes games.
Thank you very much,
The MMH7 Team 
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