Let's Play & Chat with Devs! 10/09/2014 | 92 comments

For the first time on Twitch and live for our community, our team will be streaming our Might & Magic Heroes VII press-demo on the Ubisoft official channel!

Julien Pirou(Lead Designer), aka Marzhin and Xavier Penin (Lead Game Designer) will present you the game, answer your questions and chat with you about Heroes VII latest news and upcoming features (the seven resources, flanking…). Join us to discover exclusive insights about the game and our team!
When will it happen, are you asking?

Thursday, October 16th at 6pm CET on www.twitch.tv/ubisoft!

Subscribe now to the Twitch Ubisoft channel if you don’t want to miss a second of our live streaming!

See you next Thursday!
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