Last week's votes results 12/15/2014 | 371 comments

Hello Councillors,

Last week we decided to hear your voice on the following two topics:
Today we are glad to confirm their results and announce you first of all the victory of the “Faceless Memories” townscreen (67%). Our team will shortly begin to work on this asset and unchain their creativity to follow your will.

Moreover, we have great news concerning the Collector's Edition of Might & Magic Heroes VII. Indeed, we decided to include both options (soundtrack and lithographic prints) in the final content of the collector! Thank you all for your great commitment in this vote! (We might also have one more surprise for you when this one will be available…!)

Last but not least, the team is happy to share with you first WORK IN PROGRESS visuals of the Ivan figurine you voted for 2 month ago. Of course this is not the final render of this figurine since we are only on the prototype step of its creation (at the moment: no color, no final quality especially for hair, details etc.)

In the meantime, we are currently sorting Q&A questions and will begin to study them shortly! Please take note that this may take some time :)

The M&M Team.

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