End of the deliberations 09/12/2014 | 79 comments

Might & Magic® Heroes VII Shadow Council - Spymaster's PortraitSo, the time allotted to the vote is now coming to an end. The response was overwhelming, and it quickly became pretty clear that within our Shadow Council a majority believes the Elves of Irollan would make adequate allies for Ivan.

So be it then.

I’ll talk with Ivan soon, and advise him to send a missive to High-King Alaron of the Elves. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of a strong alliance between the forest kingdom and the house of Griffin. Time will tell.

In any case, I’m curious about the identity of the ambassador Alaron will send to Ivan’s court. I’ll share my discoveries with the Shadow Council as soon as I know more.

…Mmm? My own vote? Is it important?

…Very well. I actually voted for the Dwarves. But the Shadow Council is all about making a collective decision, and I intend to respect this. I don’t believe there are “good” or “bad” choices, only… opportunities.

The Shadow Council is adjourned. We shall meet again soon.
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