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Hello Heroes,

Since October 1 st, the war rages on over the decision of the next faction to join the Council of Ivan.
Many of you took the time to join us for this important decision and we would like to thank you again for your passion and dedication!

Today, some of you contacted us with great material to defend their favorite faction and it is our pleasure to share them to all of you.

Don’t forget that you are still able to make the change (and yes we mean it knowing the vote counts) so do not hesitate to share the love for your faction and invite people you trust on this council.

Please take note that Ubisoft or the Might & Magic team is not responsible for the content of the following documents and of all potential spoilers/incoherencies. However, those are really great content so we recommend you to have a look ;)


Let’s start this overview with an amazing drawing from LiDu-Dono! Passionate Heroes of Might and Magic player, with a great touch of creativity & talent, he sent us his vision of the Shadow Dragon for the Dungeon faction. With a lot of research based on previous instalments and designs, he managed to offer his vision of this creature that he loves so much. We were just impressed, don’t know what to add!

Fan Art

Inferno supporters also have a lot to share and are ready to defend the Demons of Sheogh!
A few years ago, Sombo33 created this great fan art of the dangerous Pit Lord and he wanted us to repost it today to defend the glory of this faction with style! “Give 'em Hell, horny boys! :D” (Sombo33). 

Fan Art

Meet the Incubus, new Inferno creature wasd1200 would like to see implemented in the game. This elite caster unit, using destructive fire and earth spells with ranged attacks would float over the battlefield thanks to his powerful wings. 

Fan Art

It seems that some of you have also difficulties to make their choice or wish to support both factions such as DimaJeydar who share this great fan art from both Heroes 5 & Heroes 6 arts! 

Fan Art


Do you wish to discover the story of a group of survivors from Eruina's kingdom, Inshanost? Led by an assassin called Tanar,  this fanfic from CanWakhan stand up for the Dungeon faction

Raelag852014, a very active member of our Shadow Council sent us several fanfics over the past weeks. The first one depicted a story between Jezebeth & Ivan that you may find really interesting. Moreover, it seems that this faction vote also was a great source of inspiration for him (and Inudaughter) because he contacted us again with no less than 15 chapters for the following “In the World of Prisoners” fanfic! Check this out! 

Inferno won’t lack from fanfics as well thanks to Lokdron We are pleased to share with you his creation: “Unending Hatred”!  

Last but not least, for all councilors that masters the earth language of Spanish, a document that may not be directly related to this vote but that definitively caught our attention! Indeed, Sigbert1983 (who recommend you to vote for Dungeon!), created this year a  fanmade Role Play game scenario (Pen & Paper) based on Ashan universe for the legendary Dungeon & Dragons 3.5 game! We were blazed by the quality of the document and all the work that must have been necessary to produce it, a big congrats!!!


At the beginning of this vote, we received in the comments 3 videos from Athaca_Greezly, supporter of the Dungeon Faction and amazing cosplayer of several key characters of the Ashan universe you might recognize! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGl7Skt4dEE

The team from cheapmovies is back for the battle between Dungeon & Inferno! We are pleased to introduce to you the second season of the fan series “The Campaign”!

Important notice: this content might not be suitable for everybody and would be recommended for people over 16 years old (and non-suitable for work ;))

You are still able to share your best creations so do not hesitate to reach us following the instructions on the  dedicated article!

Your M&M team.

Dungeon vs. Inferno

Status: Closed

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