Dungeon Line-up Vote, Important Information 11/06/2014 | 315 comments

Dear Councillors,

We come to you today in this serious time to update you about the results of the present vote concerning the Dungeon Line-up decision.

It comes to our attention that some members of this council wanted to influence in the shadows the results of this vote by voting with several accounts created in this goal.

However the whole community suffered today from this new turn of events and current results are no longer representative of the will of the majority of the council.

Therefore, please note that the results of the vote displayed on this website do not reflect the final decision and that the official results will only be published tomorrow (Friday 07/11) after the counting of the votes.

We would like to remind you that our objective is to give you ALL equally the opportunity to have an impact in the game. We are always delighted to see your investment but it is important to keep in mind that counting votes and checking accounts is a time-consuming task and in addition of delaying results, we are also obliged to delay some content creation.

The Shadow Council is the place for all the Heroes fans to give their opinion and influence the game content.

The M&M team.
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