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Hello Heroes,

As mentioned in the first days of this website, we will not only introduce exclusive information about the game itself but also give you additional insights on the team behind it.

Of course, we won’t only talk about ourselves but offer great piece of information about what we are working on and answer your questions. As we did for the music in Heroes VII with Rob & Paul interviews, we will present you along the weeks our team with dedicated articles on Heroes core features.

For now, let’s take the time to do a quick overall presentation of the team and discover in a few words the role of each of us! 

Level Design Unit Level Designers are in charge of creating maps from a visual and gameplay perspective. They also make sure that the campaign story lines are properly realized in game through quests & objectives.
Game Design Unit Game Designers are the ones who set-up the rules of the game. Like Dungeon masters, they decide of key elements with always keeping in mind the fun and balance of the game. To name but a few of their range of activity: spells, skills, resources, abilities etc.
Content Creation Unit The CCU objective is to furnish to the design team the tools to develop the game but also offer to players appropriate map editing software.
Gameplay Unit When everything is decided and the core “rules” of the game are fixed, the GPU implement the gameplay features within the game: abilities, skills, interface, AI & co.
QA The QA team ensures the stability and the integration of features for all builds.
Producer Producers are in charge of what we call the “Triptych”: quality, cost & delays. They are also the interface between Limbic Entertainment (day to day follow up of the dev planning, quality responsible etc.) & Ubisoft (for all services including test teams, localization, marketing etc.)
Writer Writers are the one who defines the storyline of the game, synopsize all characters but also dialogues while keeping a true consistency in the universe.
Art Director The Art Director ensures the quality of all assets created for the title and the consistency of those ones regarding the artistic direction of the M&M franchise.
Web Developer This team is (as you may guess) in charge of the development of the website. They deliver the features which permit us to communicate & interact with you (this website, the vote feature etc.).
Business Developer The Business Team continuously seeks for the best talents to work hand in hand on our projects. With this sourcing activity, they identified a few years ago the promising studio Limbic Entertainment allowing the Might & Magic team to have a strong partner to offer the best to the franchise.
Reference team The Might & Magic Reference Team has been created to ensure consistency and facilitate the coordination between all Might & Magic projects and teams.
Production Marketing This team objective is to accompany the team in giving them all necessary information concerning the market & M&M players. They are also in charge of the communication strategy plan of the title.
Community Developer Community Developers are the ones creating a bridge between the team and the community. They are in charge of all community events and exchanges with fansites (including VIP programs). Moreover, they create and share content in official channels of the franchise including this website.

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